Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Buffetting : Apparently 2

Well, apparently seemed to be the perfect word to use here, apparently.

Apparently, my blog is again under the scrutiny of, my course mates.

Not that I'm complaining because I do appreciate the crowd, but there are well, some matters which I didn't exactly wanted to expose to the other faculty members BEFORE.

Apparently, I told another 3 more girls about T, and they took well.

It's kind of a blessing, as the people around me are understanding enough. The matter now is, should I tell more? It's pretty scary because words travel faster from the mouth compared to the texts.

Apparently, I exposed T without me know in one of the post; and the dudes who went to the conference with me knew about T now.

I felt like the biggest ASS in the world for doing that; well for not covering up properly at least. Who knows, like some might even just google up the real name just to find out. Not that the people around me are THAT obsessed of my relationship, but tea.

Apparently, the calling to go to Thailand on next April was pretty right.

T will be having the practical in one of the conservation center around; and I can join that practical! I mean, I can be joining, but I still have yet to obtain approval from my lecturer as well as the doctor in charge. Crossing my fingers really hard. In that case, finishing my practical and THEN Songkran with T would be just, perfect.

Provided I meet all the requirements. Or all these excitement would be all for nothing.

Apparently, finally, I don't give a damn anymore if anyone in the faculty finds out and wish to expose.

It's not like I can control their mouth, or their desire to tell the whole wide world about my predicament, or rather my blessing. I'm not longer any public figure such as the Student Council Rep, the Director for events, the Active associate. Na daa. I'm finally free, and I should be enjoying my life from now on.

Life has been a drag lately because of my screwed up joints. I wanna get back on my active lifestyle in sports and combat to shed those belly. Or I won't be able to enjoy Songkran. Nyahahahaha.

Short term aim: Song Kran and wildlife practical.

On the side note, we finally talked a little on this paranoia I had. I was being a little inconsiderate because I was expecting T to be spending more time with me. But little do I remember, that being a vet student is unexceptionally busy at the first place.

When T said "I will arrange my time" I felt like I'm the suckiest person ever. Like really, I could have done more than that to make T utter such words. If this relationship should be anything, it should be anything BUT burden to the both of us.

It was just me, and well, seeing semester is beginning again for T, I guess I should be a little more patient and definitely more understanding,  with the spendable time. That's the least I can do, I think.

Hypersensitivity and Cytotoxic lymphocytes here I come!


  1. Give and take is very important ;).
    *speaking from experience lol*

  2. yea i know right? I'm trying my best to juggle. Sometimes I think I'm a bit dominant, but sometimes I'm too nice to giving T everything. But then again, love is all about giving right no?

  3. Dear Tempus,

    Firstly,wah so many apparently in this post@.@

    Secondly,Even to those that didn't went to the conference(like me) already know who T is,coincidentally i visit your profile and saw the post.

    Thirdly,don't let yourself down and felt like the biggest ass,humans make mistakes*hugs*(i'm wondering is the ass in the post= donkey/buttockXD)

    Lastly,T is busy so he will only said "I will arrange my time" to important things/people such as meeting you,i believe you can make him in cloud9 when visiting him and be by his side

    1. 2-Saw which post? How'd you knew T? Like, which profile? hahah
      3- But it wasn't something nice to do, and its definitely not something a partner should be doing. What happened to compassion and all?
      4- We have to arrange time to meet now? It's like appointment hahaha. Well, there ARE two sides in looking things, I guess I should be looking from yours?. Cloud9? Hmm, I think I'm the one at epileptic testosterone cloud9 drive all the time, not him hahah