Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Buffetting : Course Night 2013

The theme this year was "Gangster and Nerd"

Something which I had a lot of problem trying to get an outfit for. I've been gangster all the way since, forever for my size and pattern.

Prior to the dinner I managed to drop by KLCC for promo stroll in my Fred outfit in promoting DogathonTM 2013.

Which I found my look after I took a round in Uniqlo.

As a school boy hahaha. Somehow I kinda dig this look. The whole outfit would have been better,

If I had a better looking pants to go with it.

So as like how previous year's course nights go, performances over one after another. This is the first year, my 3rd, which I finally do not have to do anything anymore in the night; being the OC, checking this and that bla bla bla.

Good thing definitely, so I can enjoy the night, the performance and definitely the food.

Can you spot the nerdiest one among all? Apparently he is also the smartest one among all trolololol

Well, I have to say I DID enjoy the night, but like all narcissists, my batch's one definitely tops it all.

The night's main intention is to celebrate the final years, and welcoming the first. So the presentations revolved really around them the most. 

The 3rd and 4th years, well are predominantly just there to support the 2nd years, and celebrate the final years respectively.

I had limited close to zero interaction with the first years, since my junior is not around. So I shall let the pictures to do the talking then:

sisters forever?

bros for life?

direct buddies!

With the couple from Curse of Dogathon

Last but not least, a finale:

I'm still wondering which year is my final course night year? Year 5 or Year 6? Should I be the emo kid skipping either year? Or should I just be the suave Tempus attending both, allowing the juniors to know my legend?

Hmm, skeptical.


  1. the 1 next to you on the second last picture.....he's quite cute:p

    1. He is! Great body too hahaha. Too bad he's taken, by the lady next to me haha
      He is one of the seniors who is pretty close to me, and in fact I was his personal assistant for his program in year 1, while I took over his position as Co-director this year for Dogathon hahaha