Thursday, October 17, 2013

Buffetting : Rush

The Airasia sales, is really making me very tempted.

It's only RM500 through and back Chiang Mai next April, and its during my mid semester break, AND Songkran festival!

The call is VERY STRONG. But I have yet to make my move.

I wanted to discuss with T about, whether should I go, or should I let it go.

But T seemed to be, busy with the rabies camp, so to speak.

It's adrenaline rush, hormonal rush, sugar rush, Pete knows.

When logic and heartbeat meets, its definitely World War Omega.

Logically speaking, its only like a week? And what am I going to do on the days before Song Kran?

Song Kran starts at 12th, when my break begins from 3rd to 13th April.

1 and a half day?

Hmm, logically speaking, its not that fun.

I wonder if T really hopes I can make it, or T would just say, its fine, we can do this next time.

Would that mean that T ain't that eager?

On the side note, I was talking with the girls about my profile picture lately.

Apparently I'm being really close to, well to put it simple everyone.

Intimacy seemed to be like not an issue to me while dealing with others, be it guy or girl.

Putting my arms over others' shoulders, holding hands, nudging them with my shoulder, basically any non-erotic body contact with anyone; wouldn't be an issue.

So and so the girls said my profile picture would be a real issue since, well, intimacy can facilitate jealousy. The girls seriously think that my intimacy with others might cause an issue between me and T, even more when T actually knows how I deal with people in my daily life basis.

But, it is who I am, and I get close to people easily. Trying to be evasive, well only works when I decide to do so, or when I feel like there's a need to stay away.

Or else, everyone would be my next family.

So the dilemma of the day:
1- Should I get those plane tickets, give T a surprise, or just let it go?
2- Should I stay dainty and hyper, being close to everyone, or begin to keep my distance, especially pictures?

Hmm... for dilemma 2, its gonna be really hard because its just not me to do so.


  1. Hey, speaking from experience, I think your second dilemma shouldn't be a problem though, unless your partner is a green-eyed monster haha! I don't see anything wrong if my bf were to put his hands on a friend's shoulder , it isn't as intimate as putting it on the waist don't you think? Talk to T about this and find out T's honest opinion :) If T is okay with it, then everything's fine but if not, then try to make your partner see that there isn't anything wrong with what you're doing. T will understand :) Being intimate in pictures isn't equivalent to having affairs -.- Just don't overdo it;)

    P.S: I think you should get the ticket! T'll be surprised ;)

    1. Haha I guess so too right? The girls are being way too paranoid about this, because T should know me well enough from my pictures that I'm just, well, pretty much everyone else's next best friend ahahaha~ I didn't ask T about it because it was the girls, not T who started kick the dilemma into my head.

      The ticket? Hmm, I'm REALLY CONTEMPLATING. Like what am I really going to do and how am I spending my time? Should I just nab the cheap tickets now or just let it be? Hmm... T WOULD be surprised, if T didn't come and pick me up at the airport!

    2. I agree with whatever Shyn has said (which saves me from writing a lot, amen :P). Long story cut short, don't let ppl get to you so easily. They gave their opinion and it's up to you on how to deal with it. Just talk to T about it. And also coming from me (a guy), i really do not see a big deal over ur pics. In fact, they look more like ur genuinely being a friend rather than being flirty.

      Yes get the ticket! Songkran is just an experience, 1 day is enough. The main thing for you to get the ticket is just to spend more time with T. *SMACK* HEI SAN JOR MEI?? >:P

    3. Hahaaaaa thanks a lot. That really saved me some crap thinking time. It was just like a fly passing by needed to be stomped down nyahahaha

      The ticket? Hmm, I've decided to wait for a while, for a cheaper ticket! It's half a grand and going for 1 DAY??!!! You Kill ME I don't want to waste money like that! My other friend said spending such fortune might not be a great idea because this relationship is just so, well to put it simple immature. So he'd figure going all out to fly over there for my first relationship ain't that smart.

      It has been 2 months, closing to 3. There's so much I have yet to know about T, and you saying that really tempts me. But, how to explain to the parents ar? XD

  2. 1. Just get it. Even if things with T don't work out (touch wood!), you never know what you'll learn from a trip there by yourself. Travel because you can!
    2. Just be yourself. Stop worrying! =)

    1. 1-Haha, because my PARENTS can! I can't stop feeling guilty over the fact that I'm spending on an extra trip on my parents JUST for T

      2- Yea, the two up there convinced me hahaha.