Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buffetting : Home

It's mainstream to not be mainstream, oh to hell for mainstream.

Heated subject: General Elections.

I think I will just pass this, unless you guys really want me to dedicate a post which I can heck relate a whole memoir on this, but let's pass.
Beryl Serdang is having 50% sales! Dark Chocolate (80%) is recommended for a RM22 bundle!

Subang during the election is pretty, quite.

Apart from the fact that cars are being parked across the street to the International school opposite my house being one of the polling stations, the whole area seemed to be so much less bustling.

A Subang I used to know back in the early 2000s.
good ol homemade porridge

A place quite peaceful and less hectic.

A place I missed, just a little. Streets were less congested, despite the fact that the traffic light near my house malfunctioned, streets were really less congested and heck I miss that.

This weekend was pretty much, relaxing. With Test 2 out of the way, and most of the Student Rep duties off my back, the days after Friday literally was a drag.

Not that I'm complaining, but I guess I've somehow forgot the ways to take things in a slower pace. Even Subang seemed to be slow paced for the past 2 days.

The general election seemed to be still at its course, while I blatantly rested at home enjoying my day with only 30 minutes swim today.
its Dim Sum fest in Bt Serdang before heading home

Tomorrow shall be a productive day, with an hour of swim, an hour of Body Combat, an early morning of brownies baking and a late morning session of bitch showering.

To a better tomorrow, for me and our country.


  1. Spelling Nazi moment: You spelled quiet as quite! Hehe. Please bring me to eat dim sum one day! :D

    1. Omgee nazi got BOMBED! Totally need to refine my English now.

      Don't go back too early next time! Or plan a Broga trip real soon so we can go dimsum after!