Sunday, May 26, 2013

Buffetting : Seriously

Seriously, I thought this semester was going to be the last one I need to be added into different groups influencing different circles

Seriously, I thought it was going to end next sem when I'm going to be a free man free from commitments.

Seriously, I was really looking forward to next semester.


I have been added to 10 different groups overnight because I'm the freaking VP for my university's chinese cultural association!

Somebody SAVE ME!


  1. Replies
    1. Ugh, my practicals are my vacation ahhahaa. its like a tradition

  2. Tu la! Greedy sangat go grab all the positions :P! Hahahhaa. It's ok la, im sure ur inner Leo can manage it and you'd have a blast despite sacrificing a tinsy bit of ur freedom :P

    1. Trust me these jobs I've mentioned were all shoved down my throat T.T. I hope my Leo manages it well lo, next sem should be freedom and less constriction! I want my fit body back!