Friday, May 24, 2013

Buffetting : Focus or Segregate

I've came across 2 different scenarios in 2 different days, leading to my choice and judgment between being focused or segregating my thoughts in different matters.

I'm now holding 3 different portfolios for 3 different organizations, 2 which I will soon step down but one for a long way to go.

One of the previous board exco mentioned that he chose to focus on a single task and make the best out of it.


I wish I could.

But catching up with the best bud made me realized that, if I were to be focused, I really missed out a lot.

I really did missed out, A LOT.

I sometimes can't believe I'd actually lived with that. Did I really take advantage of the whole relationship? And after next semester hits, when Dogathon is finally over and I am no longer attached to the senior batch; will I too take advantage of the empty schedule and not spend time with them anymore?

I think about all these a lot, and they really worry me. I need to seek balance from academics, experiences, relations, health and self-improvement.

I know life is all about juggling these, but I'd just wish I had someone to talk about these, at least someone who is close enough around to understand and see what I'm actually going through.

It's another rant, but to focus or segregate? It's a tough one.


  1. i prefer focus but if i can't do that due to all of the things are important i juggle all of them but focus more on 1 first

    1. so vague, but I'll take what I can. As of now its like a rojak buah with ice cream all over it. Messed up XD