Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buffetting : Living it

Did I mention how much I love my course and what I'm doing, and about to do?

It's like physics, chemistry, biology, economics and management all synced up into one single course.

I'm a farmer, a veterinarian, economists, and also a manager if I really wish to do so!

I used to love machinery until physics bore me, but I now learn to love it back. Chemistry and lab work has always fascinated me so the research part on the biology have been gunned down. Anatomy and physiology has never been more fun when different animals come into the picture, and a chance to own a dairy farm; it's life.

Time to persevere and get back to assignments!


  1. same thing occurs to me. in fact, its occurring to me. I used to be liking science. But not anymore for now. I'm liking other things.

    1. I guess everyone has this transition period in their life. I've been intrigued by science all this while, and stepping into the vet med scene is an ultimate blessing. But, I still do enjoy exploring and liking other stuffs.

      Hey, jazz and cheese and wine, they fit like perfect New Balance. XD

  2. Faster become my dairy supplier! >:(

  3. Oh how I wish! When I become an executive of a dairy farm, or when I own one, I will let you know!