Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buffetting : Disengage

I'm pretty well known to be vocal in the community I immerse/d in.

If something goes wrong, I usually do not hesitate to sound it and make corrections to it.

After being elected as the student rep, I've experienced several events that trained me to think at least twice, before I post a comment about any issues today.

As for the G-E, I've done a few parts in sounding my opinions in several different postings on the social media, and at some point I gave up in rebutting with people who are being clouded by the mentality of ethnicity inherited from their forefathers.

Me being Chinese is a background, not my nationality. It's like Kelatanese Malay vs Subang Malay likewise Hokkien vs Hakka. In this case, Malay vs Chinese vs Indians. We might have different background but we sit under the wings of Malaysia.

I refuse to hold on to the beliefs of ethnicity and being Chinese.

I'm a Malaysian first, and a Chinese as background. If I were to be sent out to a battlefield for my country with a reasonable stake, I would.

I'm not a keen person to separate things via race, its like apartheid all over. Even as a student rep and I was told to consider more for the "Chinese students".

I though deep down inside, "What necessity is there to do so?"

Probably I've yet to be in situations where ethnic really matter a lot till today, but my course , my faculty itself has shown diversity creates magical moments. And only those who are ill-willed try to categorize people into ethnics and demoralize people. I've met awesome Malays, Indians, Kadazans and even Sri Lankas, and what we need to do its tolerate and embrace difference; share the beauty of it instead of putting all the flaws into a dish and pick on them. When people have a united goal, difference is not a factor in the picture. In fact, we are the same physiologically anyway.

So the father called in to halt me from posting any fraudulent posts in the social media.

I don't do sharing or commenting these days, and I certainly wish not to mingle with politics now. At least not when I'm being scrutinized by the whole university's student body; VC; Deputy VC, and pete knows how many other invisible eyes out there.

Even if I'd stepped down, I wouldn't anyway. I'm just tired. I can voice my opinions, but not in social medias. A right path can be used to channel these thoughts.

As of now, we shall wait for the results or reform after 21 days, and I should totally focus on working out and Dogathon right now.

 PS: Baking was totally fun. Should be going after something lil bit more complex in the next batch.


  1. what did u bake? brownies? it looks yummy!!

    1. yea they were brownies! the gang liked it with mixed comments, and trying to satisfy different pools of taste is totally hard!

  2. those ill minded ppl needs more intercultural studies! pffttttt

    me want samples! >:(

    1. ditto that!

      samples? habis within minutes when I brought to the fac! Apparent the chocolate ganache was too thick, but I love it that way. Some said the base was little too compact while said it was too loose. Quite hard to fit the population though!

    2. those say too dense, ask them to eat with coffee... those say too fluffy, ask them to eat with more ganache LOL

    3. speaking like a pro. I shall take note that in my future choco frenzies!