Friday, February 1, 2013

Buffetting : Where To Start?

The holidays I had for the past 3 weeks have been quite fruitful, but INTENSE.

Heck I barely have any days left to dally in my own room, while I constantly have to pack my luggage for different occasions and outings.

Where exactly should I start?

My intense meetings and appointments to serve the students as the SRC;
My training as the SRC;
My outing with the Vet Souls to Kuching;
My experience to love my current batch than the juniors in Vetcamp;
My gossips in Vetcamp;
My Zoologico club outing;
or my new Digimon Adventure UMD experience?

I should put the SRC post in the SRC blog instead. This blog should be free from responsibility callings.

As for Dogathon, well its about time to pull things together.

Now where should I start?


  1. omg so many!hiring an informal pa or someone to remind you on tasks could help:D

    all the best!

    1. haha when I've earned enough to do that I would! But being the insecure me I'd probably do everything by myself XD

  2. hahahah busy is good! keeps us well organized and time passes easier!

    1. oh I have had to like project my timeline a year ahead of me!