Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buffetting : Lands of Cats and Polar Bears Day 2

It's CNY and lotsa juicy family drama! But lets get Kuching over with!

Day 2 was indeed a LONG one, probably because we have had to wake up at 7 in the morning to line and wait for our breakfast in Kuching's best noodle house yet infamous LOUD and "Guai Lan" owner near Waterfront.

The Kolo Mee was indeed subtle and a good one to start the day with, and the Pork Coffetti aka as "Jeng" in Kuching was FREAKING Fresh, but I had to say the soup base was rather bland for a heavy seasoning consumer like me.

But, the kolo mee was good. The tinge of vinegar added totally brought the mee to a whole new level.

The whole meal spent up to 3 hours inclusive of waiting, serving and eating. Like seriously, the owner only serves you when they know its your turn. Asking before they come, or making unnecessary remarks only brings shame upon you by the screams and loud tantrums of the chef, not because he has anything on you but because of his nature. 

But, we were well-warned by polar bear and the meal was successful. Best Kolo Mee in Kuching, DONE.  

Next stop was the Southern Kuching Municipal Building visit. Like seriously, when was the last time you'd actually VISIT, not for business, to your own Municipal building?

The last time I've checked, never. It's either license for my dogs, or summons. The special thing about Kuching is there's actually 2 regions, the Southern and Northern Kuching municipal council. Polar Bear's under south, and he hated north because of the incompetence and corruption northern council have been.

We dropped by because Polar bear noticed THIS in the papers:

It's actually a compilation of plastic bottles made into a Snake shape in celebrating the arrival of the Lunar Snake Year, as well as the word 2013. Not convinced? Try looking at this instead:

Ignore blur auntie hahaha.

After the short visit and toiler break, we headed back to the water front to pay the Chinese Muzeum a visit. It's free, air-conditioned, and well maintained by the local council because of the valuable spot of the Main Bazaar as a tourist attraction; something KL council would ought to learn from.

There was a theater room like those you see in Singapore which tells how Chinese came about into Sarawak, their contributions, and traditions. A simple 5 minutes video, but was good enough to explain.
Then there were pictures, diagrams and chronologies of different Chinese dialects, celebrations, and antiques. I was totally amazed by how the council managed to put things into order in the museum, because KL and Subang totally have nothing at par like this.

Chinese out there, can you spot your family name?

We did stop by another museum with fossils and what not, but I totally wasn't in the mood for field trip so I'd kept my camera in my bag while I just glanced through everything in there. IT was the ethnology museum down Merdeka Field, but I was totally bored so yea. Did snap some pictures in the garden behind the museum, which I think is perfect for dates and picnics. Selangor no longer has the same greenery to fit awesome picnics and dates.

The day proceeded into a local Pasar tani for a short break and purchase of Tam Pui and looking into Sago Worms. Master Tai and I wanted to have a try, but didn't have a chance because by the time we'd wish to get the worms fried they would have died. We wanted to try raw, but was told off by the public not to do so. Damn. During Sabah practical maybe?

The 30 minutes drive to Polar bear's uncle's farm was short and bumpy.I was screaming loud inside the Vios with Sea the driver because of the bumpy road and the heavy load the Vios have had to carry.

The farm was HUGE, literally. It's at least the size of a whole SS12 area, no joke.

There were pig farms(from growers to finishers and sows), crocodile farms, aquaculture tanks, enzyme tanks, durian plantations, banana plantations, and some others which we have yet to explore.
Saved a piglet from suffocating by the sow. Totally felt like a vet.

Is the uncle rich? Damn.
Is the uncle good-looking? Pretty Damn.
Is the uncle nice? Is pretty, but wasn't back in the past.

Overall the uncle was nice, but Polar bear have his own views.

The farm would served as a good place to learn as a vet student, even as a business associate or even an agriculture student. IF I've had the time, I would get his contact and stay on a month or two to pick up some skills.

The trip ended pretty late with another field trip session when Wind have to open his big mouth and start to ask about production systems for the pigs and the bananas. The uncle is pretty well-equipped with knowledge for him to compete in the Sarawak market, even to the point in knowing specs for nitrogen-tanked sperms from the States. A place to learn, definitely.

Without even a shower after the farm visit, not like we've done any laborious dirty work,(my lecturer would have screamed at me talking about biohazard) we went to the CHEAPEST western food restaurant I've had in my life in Kuching, namely, Sharing Planet.

The location is right in the middle of a housing area, but the ambiance was excellently furbished and designed. I totally hated the idea of huge tiles with holes in the between them because my chair kept on sliding down, b but the portion of the food, loved it.

This is a grilled dory Fish set. The price? Rm10.90. IT was HUGE.

The total cost to feed 19 hungry vet students was only RM370, with an average of RM20 for each of us. Bare in mind, we had sirloins, T-bones, Lamb streaks, and even drinks. We were all stuffed after that. With this amount, we can only get bones in TGIF in Selangor.

No more TGIF in my life again, because the whole franchise is just overrated.

The night ended with a live-performance of Wind trying to stuff a 1kg Bull-Horn Banana in 10 minutes' time.

You know the huge bananas they use to make Pisang Goreng with? Yea that's the one and Wind had to stuff it into his tummy in 10 minutes.

The guys chipped in and helped out with some bites, but naturally its impossible to finish the bananas.

Yet, Polar Bear had his share of fun.

Day 2 ended happily with loads of laughters and stripping session of Wind's undies in the guys' room, and with a deeper love of mine into my batchmates.

However, something kept pestering me, telling me I'm about to part from them, very soon.



  1. The last I was at the Chinese Museum, there was a dodgy caretaker. I wonder if he's still there.

    1. I'm not too sure. I think there still is one, seeing when we entered we totally took the whole place as ours!

  2. no wonder you know about kuching siu mai. u were here!!! hahahaha... okay i have no idea about the kolo mee. but when you're away for years, any kolo mee would just taste as good. :D

    1. haha the kuching siu mai was AWESOME man! As for kolo mee, so far most of them were good, unless its too dry for my liking!

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