Monday, February 25, 2013

Buffetting : Stepping in Warzone

It's the second week of the semester yet I barely have the time for updates. Guess vet school and its activities has taken a toll on my free time to blog.

Honestly I'd wish to write more here whenever I could because there's so much that I'd want to express, but I just can't do it now in the social network.

What's different is that I no longer wish to express them in the social network anymore. Being a public person for a semester has really thought me how to confine my emotions and thoughts, at least just enough before I set them loose and cause havoc in the atmosphere.

The 1st week went by in a blink after CNY, with all the food, new subjects, new lecturers, new jobs, new labs, new classmates and some old friends along the way.

Dogathon, student rep council work, studies and vet dinner performance. Gosh it was like a roller coaster ride. As how my friend would put it, my whole life right now is like a jumbo sale.

Believe or not I'm actually writing now from a nutrition lab only because I have a 30 minutes span to linger until my crude fiber specimens are done being digested.

The thing is I kinda hate being free right now because it means I'm actually not making progress in my work? It's like there's a sense of insecurity injecting into my mind telling me "hey it's not the time to rest yet!"

At least not until Dogathon is over, that's for sure.

Well, I hope I don't lose this because if I did it would really do  a damn substantial amount of damage on me, even more on my ego. Classmates for the rest of my veterinary life? Ahh, I have more than that to worry about.


  1. I know what you mean about being a public figure and hiding ur true emotions and thoughts..sighhh

    1. Haha I guess so.. But I find it much more comfortable to do it here, because I don't feel as scrutinized as I am on the social network. It's like I'm used to not posting stuffs these days.

  2. wah you're still a student rep council...and then managed all sorts of activities,make sure you can spare some time to take 5

    1. i did and I am! Wait till september hits that's when I go robot.