Saturday, August 18, 2012

Buffetting : Extremities

I got this from the people around me all the time, my family, my close friends, heck my counselor.

I tend to live in extremities, while I clearly can live on with a moderate mode.

Yet, sometimes its these little things which I insist, persist, and get stubborn with that makes me a person, a workforce and a pushy one in things I get engaged with.

So today I've made a move to get on with life.

Looking at the previous post, or posts, elaborating my life around these people, it just jolted in my head suddenly on how fragile "friendship" can get.

What makes the puzzle stay in one piece is the effort parties play in order to keep the whole thing perfect.

I put in quite an amount of effort to keep up with Best Bud, making sure we get updates or whine to each other when time comes.

I lived my past 7 lives with Monkey, some how we are just meant to be friends. He might have his differences, and him letting go off stuffs easily, but we somehow still do make a connection.

It was a 3 or 4 musketeers thingy we had back in high school because of the prefectorial board and what not which kept us quite close. The 4th member was Saac, who got quite close towards the end of Secondary 4 because of him joining the board too.

And the others came into picture quite vaguely I would put it. I thought everyone in the group had the connection because of me. Later on I found out it wasn't me at all.

So much for being the glue putting everything together.

Anyways, it was better to know that fact. It proves that there wasn't any connection left anymore.

During the 21st birthday event, Monkey came up and asked why weren't they there. I sniped, why should I be bothered to invite them, when they clearly did not invite me?

Be nice? Sorry, I've lived beyond that.

So I've decided to rid them off my social network account instead. I see no point in keeping in touch, nor did they ever tried keeping anyway.

Plus, I'm kind of sure my life beyond today will not have them around.

Best bud, I'm cool with you keeping in touch with them, its your right, your calling. Monkey did the same and I still bombard him all the time and we enjoy it.

As for the rest, screw them all. Remember the text we used to send to each other towards the end of Secondary 5, Best bud?

"No matter how long time have passed and even when we don't contact each other anymore; I just wish that one day when we walk down the streets, and when you see me, you would point up and say 'I know that guy, he's my friend!''

I promise you, you and Monkey will stay. No matter what. I think I've passed the naive teens and stepped long enough in the bitter twenties to be able to identify who matters.


  1. sigh~ ur post manage to make me emo a lots of way, I can link to what u had written up there. If I am to remove almost all of my high school friends, I can bet none will realize it. even with one of my best friend that I had known for 5 years, the last contact we made was 3 years ago..another friend, didn't even know he already engaged.

    oh well~ Time pass, nothing remains the same. Just have to live with it

    1. its such a shame because we used to be quite close, but come to think of it I wasn't ever as close as I am to Best bud and Monkey compared to the rest. Best Bud and Monkey would share everything while the others just sweep stuffs away. So that explains the long term effect.

  2. -___- i don really been in this situation before.

    for me i always assume tat once my best friends, there is no absolute need to keep yourself connected (i din even wish them happy birthday), because when we meet again one day, we will interact like we never left each other at all.

    And up till now, with perception in mind, i am doing fine.

    There's no need to keep tabs of ppl inviting you, you chat with who and stuff, move on if they don want to keep in touch.

    Monkey cares abt you not inviting him to a party. But you want him to care more than that, isnt it?

    so i think its best to not expect "best buds" to do "best bud" stuff every now and then, you will b happier, and certainly less emo. hahaha

    1. haha I guess I'm overreacting? Sometimes I really do look back to the emails I have with Best Bud, and it just revolves around these topics all the time.

      Exactly, move on if they don't wish to keep in touch. Somehow those who do make the effort.

      Monkey was there! He's definitely there, no way I'm leaving him out. He asked why the "gang" wasn't invited instead because he cares for them too. He's a very nice and forgiving person, but for this I couldn't stand at the same perspective he does.

      Yea, I live quite beyond expectations already. We had issues before, a big one. From then I learned when to let go, because he needs to live his while I live mine. Heck, I do wonder sometimes if Best bud actually feels like I'm his like he is to mine, but as long as we get along well it doesn't matter, I suppose.

      And yes, I need to learn not to get emo so easily. Like woman on PMS only.

  3. Wow. I used to be a rather wise kid wasn't I hah.

    On a lighter note, I hate capchas. I never seem to get them right!

    1. Where'd you get that from? Haha I literally read through the post and trying to find out which statement I made XD We ought to be quite wise to keep up till today. It's so weird reading the post I linked and putting the pictures together now, that I'm actually at best terms with Jia Wei compared to the rest. Irony of life, gosh after 4 years.

      I hate them too, but without them there are suckers who post random comments here.