Monday, August 20, 2012

Buffetting :Table Manners

So the family decided to hit over to the chicken rice restaurant we used to for lunch with all the other lunch spots in the area have been nailed.

It only struck me when I saw a man bringing his teenage daughter strolling into the lot, and the girl immediately slid out her tab and started touch-screening away.

I was somewhat infuriated about it.

Personally I don't like it when people put up with texting, playing games or what other activities which involves another party except me, the one whom the opposite person is sitting with on the table.

Like hello? What the hell am I? A brick or wall?

This is when I feel like we need to treat people if we wish people treat the same way as I do.

When I had to make calls or texts to other people, I make them snappy because I feel so damn bad and awkward for the opposite party to stare into the air and wait for me to end my calls or activities. It's very rude to put people up into that disposition, when we clearly wanted to hang out together for over a meal or something else.

Am I being too stern for the new era? Or the people should start learning not to let the technologies take over their manners?


  1. Not just you. Me too! Phone slaves.

    Main reason why I hadn't subscribe for the data plan on my android. That way, I'll stay free from the phone because I can't contact people unless through calls/sms. lol

    1. But its courtesy. I don't really care how much I spend on texts because I do that before, but manners are seriously deteriorating by the day.

  2. That's one of the horrible habit everyone has.. Even i have it and i am desperately trying to rid of it.. Don't realize how unfair and rude you are being to the person sitting across the table.. But i guess in the current society, everyone whips out their phone the second they sit down.. =/

    1. It's education, just like anything else in the world of that matter. I've decided when I have my own place, people put down their smart phones or whatever in a basket and I'll lock them up in the vault. Pictures? I'll get the best DSLRs and Polaroids. Videos? Best camcorders. Apps? Screw'em. Are we hanging out or not? Phone calls? Call my house phone if its an emergency.

      Rules or get lost! So mean right? XD

  3. You are not a brick or wall, maybe a 3D model. haha.

    I hate that also, but since Moo has it, So, I'm kinda used to it now. *Sad, right*

    1. 3D model?!! I'll show the texter 3D!

      Moo has it? Oh some how I realized guys with similarities with Moo do that all the time. I have a Singaporean open-closeted guy friend, and he texts on the BB every single second.

      Feel like screaming at him, but I just played nice la.

      Sad! But we shouldn't be! Let's tell these bitches off with their smartphones and be with real humans instead!