Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buffetting: Type

Do you know what type of person you are, especially in work terms?

I find myself a much more of the explaining type.

Being a nerd have its perks at times, like when everyone goes blank about something in lecture or a certain procedure and you got everything.

That's when you can flaunt your skills.

However, in the verge of indulgence in fame,glory and satisfaction of academic adores by the crowd explaining the whole process or lecture again, I can to understand the similar topic 3 times more.

I knew since Lower 6 that I learn better by explaining concepts to others, that's why I've always welcomed questions and tutoring requests provided its in my league of comprehension. But I sometimes also enjoy spending 5 hours understanding one concept, except for mathematical ones because they never made sense to me.

Yet, I found out that I learn best by teaching when I started the private tuition for the Form 5 student last year. You see, the teachers from school never really thought me some concepts even after I have left 6th form, especially form maths. Probably because I already do not require such concepts in 6th form, but tutoring the form 5 and reliving the mathematical concepts again actually made me understand the whole concept so much more compared to the me back in 4th or 5th form.

I know, contradictory statement of not enjoying mathematical concepts with the lines before.

But some how I enjoyed teaching. Especially when the crowd finally understands. There are some who never seemed to get it in their head, but all that matters if they'd actually ask more. The student I had last year was down right lazy, and he could have done more if he put in more effort.
I'm sure my sis beg to differ.

Teaching my younger sis mathematics now again refreshes my skills in delivering. I used to be very rigid and stick to my way of teaching. But I knew it will never work, so I started to relate.

Relating is such an important skill to pick up because some deliverers never seemed to consider doing it. It's like relating a badminton match to a statistics question  made much more sense to my sis rather than number of books each student read.

So as so when I dropped by my brother's physic's tuition teacher's place to help her out with the Japan invitation card. It seems that she too agrees that I'm much more of a deliverer than a doer, though I can do both. She'd even suggested that I become a diplomat, because of the affinity I have for different languages.

I'd wish I could have done more things that I have interest and to be good in.

I wish I could pick up industrial chemistry or organic viticulure chemistry so I can study more on wine.

I wish I could pick up more languages or a degree in Linguistics so I can know more about languages, so as so I can even pursue a career in interpretation or more.

But there's so much we can do in our life. As of now, embarking a new journey on the veterinary medicine is a complete new path, one which I've once dreamed but never too far.

I should probably start dreaming again, one thing I kept on repeating to myself.


  1. I too understand better through explaining to other people but most of my subjects involved lot of memorization it cant really be applied..huhu

    1. i find biochemistry pretty much is application though.

  2. God, I hate math! Would willingly burn all my math textbooks!

    1. but working in vet clinics told me how important math is! especially without using the calculator oh emm gee so important during emergencies.