Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Buffetting : Odaiba Memorial

Most people from the social media network thought I was being a Japan fanatic, posting about Odaiba and all.

Yet, lil do they know, I'm a Digimon fanatic instead.

Odaiba Memorial was set on the 1st of August, in which in the year of 1999 in the same date, Digimon Adventures was released, as well as the date which the main characters, Digidestined was brought to the Digital World, one which runs parallel to the human world of which the digital components made up a universe.
courtesy of muku scout.

This was the series, with such vivid and distinct traits and concept which brought my love towards Japan when I was younger. Of course, growing up I'd realized I was drawn over much more than just Digimon alone. There was Pokemon, Sailor Moon ,Dragon Ball  the culture, the people, and the technologies as well.

Why Odaiba? It was the place which Digimon was based on in Japan, where the protagonists grew up, advanced the plot, and the place which the series ended with a sequel.
courtesy of muku scout.
And it is so meaningful that the team used Odaiba, because of the nature of the satellite city of Tokyo being one of the most bustling technological area back then.

The concept of the digital universe, the character development, and the reasoning behind the formation of the whole component was remarkably sculpted by the producers.

Everything started, on the summer of 1991.

Happy 13th Odaiba Memorial to all Digimon Fans out there, and to the characters who lived in the series, you will always be a part of me, reminding me of my growth.



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    1. me love them both too! Takeru and Hikari also! the producers totally made them matchy la!

  2. DIGIMON!!!! yayyyyyyy!!!!! I have forgot lot of things about digimon..last time can name every single digimon out there..LOLLLL

    1. Oh TRAITOR! I rmb all names from season one to 3 lor!