Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buffetting : Shrunken

Had my routine sports today, dealt with lots of balls.

Squash balls, lots of boys' balls, and lastly,

A 30 years old malay man's ball.

I never had the pleasure of seeing someone just have his ball shrinking right in front of my eyes.

Don't get any fantasies, I din't mean it literally alright.

He was leading the game, because I was focusing on driving the ball back to the wall, but obviously I wasn't doing good enough.

Worst part, my legs won't move.

I have no idea, maybe I got traumatized from yesterday's fright, till the extend I still couldn't get over today.

He was leading and smiling his way off.

While I was depressed and kept quiet throughout the game.

Nevertheless, I prevailed.

I got the serve.

I smacked damn hard.

10 times harder than my normal serves when I was playing with him earlier.


3 serves, and he stopped.

I remembered his words clearly.

"Ah.. Tak boleh lah.. Macam mana nak main begini. Tak boleh lah!!!!"
(Cannot lar. How to play. Cannot lar...."

Clearly his balls shrunk right after my 3 power serves.


So you can have fun driving me around, when I can't smack the ass out of your guts?


Wanna know why I named them this?

Because, they are wrapped up all the time like wantan, and they have pork in the dough, like themselves, PIGS.

No offense to the youngsters. This guy is around 30 to 40 years old.

He can have interval rests, during a game.

If he hadn't get to rest, I would have been the one sending him running around like a mad boar.

Malays. They are pigs. They are cowards. They just wait and enjoy.

Typical ones.

Stereotyping I know, but all the more reasons to point it out.

ISA what ever... most I can do is privatize the blog.

Anyway, glad to know I can scare him off.

With my strength.

Youngsters, next time at least give it a try.

Zany Zephyr

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