Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buffetting : Looking out

Woohoo~~~ Nailed a few chemistry practices... All Hail Chemistry!!!! I loved this subject so much nowadays, I'm sure I will do very fine in my pharmacy degree in the near future, not to mention my glorious upcoming career!!!

Anyway, I've just spotted on of my senior's brother's wee wee yesterday in the shower room after squash,

Not a feeling.

Maybe because I wasn't wearing my glasses? You've got to admit, some of these people are real open when it comes to shower room and they just show everything they've got.

But I put it later on and I found that I was avoiding my contact with IT.

Hopefully my orientation is going back to its course, though I still find vagina a little gross for me now, after the operation theatre incident.

Funnyly, I had always thought Jen Lye as a hard-to-approach guy, only to find out he is as passionate and friendly like his sister later on. We actually had topics to discuss about and he was really nice.

Sometimes its just a matter of us to say "Hi" to people and start getting to know them on the spot.

"Hi" is such a powerful word huh?

Discussed with my parents, they were real glad that I took the initiative to pick up SAT, and is willing to pay for it.

So now I have to do my job by scoring my SAT well, both paper 1 and paper 2. Hopefully I can apply for TOEFL as soon as possible to make sure my entry to Monash or NUS is on smooth sail.

I won't let myself, or my parents down this time. Not a chance. Pharmacy, I am nailing this degree. By 30 shall be able to handle my Masters in Japan.

Wild target I know, but I'm thriving for it.

And back to my body. Gosh I've gained almost 10kg from my weight in earlier May. This is real bad.

Maybe its my diet? Or I didn't have enough exercise routine? I go for squash every week!

No no no something is real wrong here. I need to sort it out soon, very soon or my December "half-naked" snapping spree is gonna go poof.
I may not get this toned body by then yet, but hopefully my flabs are be goned...

Alright, I have procrastinate enough for the night, or day in this hour... time to whip up the jiff of Chemistry and head to bed...

PS: Maid is back. Liberty for Me!!!!

Zany Zephyr

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