Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buffetting : The 4th Dimension.

I survived.

Honestly, she was real great. I was expecting a non-dramatical lady instead.

Although I haven't completed Halliday and Resnick's exercise, thank goodness I've at least assured myself with Advanced Physics.

Today, I never felt this surge of excitement in a physics class before in my life.

Guess getting this teacher was a correct step.

From velocities to acceleration then to forces and normal force to energy, we mentioned about the 4th dimension.

It is not exactly what we think, the 4th dimension ain't the ghostly plane, but its the plane which time do not exist.

Time never exist. It is born when people couldn't see themselves in other dimensions.

Our life time is like a corridor with different rooms.

Right now, there may be some other Tempuses doing some other thing in their different ages. There may be also another plane where the same aged Tempus might be enjoying his life as a rich man's son or something.


The equations proven were yet to be applied yet.

Who ever had succeeded in doing so truly will see things in so much other perspectives.

When Miss Ng Pek Har explained all these in the 3 houred class, I finally understood something.

Something which I couldn't put in words nor feelings.

It's like a hunch, but my head somehow knew its what I really need to understand and know by now.

I need to know that I am in thirst of knowledge, and I need the knowledge to make a significant difference to the society.

Be it electrons or human across the plane, I want to do something BIG.

Reality check.

3 months will determine my faith and my fate.

February 2010 will be my judgement point.

Shall I have proceed with my planned direction,

Or to fumble into the sail I've set this June.

I need to make this difference.

I demand an amount of respect back to myself again.

I must make this work.

So, seeing this I must hit back to STPM and SAT chemistry...

Thermochemistry was really easy and fun.

Organic chemistry is what I truly need to know and master. Hopefully this 3 months I may be able to hold strong and make a difference in my life.

Mind, body , soul, together.

Zany Zephyr

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