Saturday, May 16, 2009

KZB on: Moving On

Finally, I don't feel THAT tired, once in 6 weeks' time...

Gosh, who made up the myth concluding that college life is NOT tiring and FUN???


That bloody son of a goat is sooo dead when I find him or her...

Anyway, glad that things are finally settling down...
Oops, college didn't stop me from cam-whoring... (>.<)

Maths work, COMPLETED, its just bck to form 5 again, its just that homework plays a major role now...

Gaah, forces in equilibria... feli at the back¬

Physics, I never liked it, nor im liking it now... The subject supposed to be fun, but i just like the way stuffs goes which I can SEE, physics is so abstracts most of the time..

Woohoo¬¬¬ Smart Shu Hui is in DA LAB¬¬¬

Chemistry,liking a huge big chunk of it now.. I can only say my form 5 teacher suck big time, and my college lecturer rocks big time... Need more understanding, but I'm sure i will get the hang of it..
Found time to mimic cyclops¬

Biology, well it is FUN but sometimes I just feel like its not the favourite subject like it was back in secondaries.

Last and it is the least likable, Thinking Skills.. I'd rather have GEneral Paper than this piece of junk.. It just provides nothing but a massive HEADACHE in my life, especially when everyone's way of seeing things are different, and the answer is down to ONE only... Flunked assumptions, but i think i can still handle the others...

We even had birthday parties in da class...

Subjects, done, now the teachers... Jee Can did a bang up job in stating each lecturer's traits and motto, and it was so funny to see him showing it, and how each of the college mates actually mimics the teachers!

Maths, Miss Choong is okay, its just that when I'm really tired, her voice is very sleepifying... literally...

Physics, Mr Vara is a very nice guy, and he made a clear cut in every aspect in the subject, I can only say I don't put enough effort in it.

Chemistry, Mr Lucas is very proffesional, differentiating fun and work, but his lessons are cool, and our class just loves him, especially our treasurer... no names mentioned...

Biology, Ms Durga is all about FUN, and biology lessons were never dull, due to the over-self-relinquishing of our classmates, but it is a good thing, it prevents the original bio lessons to be boring!

woohoo¬¬¬ biochemicals in pure form! Cheok Tung at back¬

Thinking skills, Ms Ester is nice by nature... but she is too funny at times, in the sense that the cassmates really really pass out in the lessons... but it is the subject itself, or maybe she is just that bor*ing originally?

anyway, SNAPSHOTS!!!! Geez, I need to get a BETTER phone big time!!!!! I can't stand my useless phone's resolution man!
My overly-awesome-posome-sexyly-deliberately-technically-amphoterically-genrally-practically-beautifully- classmates in action!!! WE had a blast in AC talking over... STUFFS¬¬

our one and only Hannah!!!! Had to give her face lar.... why did you close down yer blog again?

Anyway, I had a blast this week... Finding out how each and every of ourselves searching for our soul in college.. Our class is real cool, and i bet, by next year's graduation ceremony, everyone will cry.. Because we we are too good for each of ourselves..(literally-academically-physically-emotionally-really- REALLY)

So, now I have to really get a grp and start liking college because i asked for it.. Form 6, may we meet next time¬ or rather... never gonna meet you again¬

Next target, completing A levels with a bomb!!! (A bomb okay... not bomb only...) shit being lame now...

PS: Funny, college have been so busy nowdays, X actually slips off my mind completely nowadays... guess my affection for X has finally diluted off through vigorous work load and squash trainings... Anyway, X is finally out of life, time to get on with the main priority.. No lovey dovey for me, at least not until I complete A levels¬

Swithering Away,


  1. Most of my classmates have the same opinion about the Math lecturer......

  2. ur maths lecturer also miss choong meh?

  3. yeap. She's not bad....just quite "long breath" sometimes....

    And I actually like her voice.

  4. and OMG your chem. lecturer is so handsome!

  5. hey is that in taylor's college?

  6. delusion>> u saw??

    jerine>>>yeah it is... u've been here?