Monday, May 4, 2009

KZB on: Decisions

Gosh, another month and I will be sitting for my semester exams... Time do NOT wait for men....

Anyways, it a freakin(i got to stop using this word man...)

Honestly, today when Miss Choong asked about what we wanna do in the future, I doubted my mind for a few seconds.... And i started bragging... What are you gonna do in 5 years' time?

I said, I would be probably completing my Pharmacy Degree in NUS, then working for companies in Singapore if I ever going to be enrolled into the university. Then, until my comrades who had fulfilled their degrees, we will once again congregate and build our own firm, with 2 consultant doctor, 1 accountant, 1 PR manager and me, as the pharmaceutical dispenser..

I wonder if this is going to work out, especially when I am the "come-one lets PARTAY" typo, instead of the "research and get the noble prize" typo. Seriously, my success in life is to let people know of my existence, not because of what I am, but who I am.

Akira's ambition was really enticing, which is standing on the stage of Noble Prize ceremony, which I have no doubt in him if he ever sets his mind on it. He have what it takes to put his hands on biotechnology, but I wonder if he needs social scientist? Just kidding lar akira don't kill me kay~~

So, Medicine and Phamacy... Owh ya, which brings me back to, to take SAT or not. It is indeed a prestigeous recognition, but doing SAT now, is as if A levels is futile and meaningless. YEs, I DO need to for various university applications, but I think my main priority now is to excel in A levels. About the application for NUS, I am still wondering shall I ponder for my As and A2 results, or to take SAT instead for the earlier application.

Like my cousin had said, she wants to rest for a while after A levels. I couldn't agree more, but does the application deadline waits for me? I realy need to check up on all these man.. SaT subjects, aint as cheap as they look they are. And the pressure and time consumed aint lesser than that which I need to cope with A levels.. Owh well, guess I need to stick to A levels first, SAT, well maybe after I complete my A2, then I scrounge arounf it.

CLUBS!!!! PRemed, I don't think it is that interesting, seeing how the board of directors manage it. Anime club sure is making progress, so I will make it my main priority... Circle K, its is quite meaningful but do I really have time? And now debate club comes it, and I wonder if my debating skills are good, or even worse, do they actually have the potential?? Decision, and I am all alone...

Maybe it is better off I start working huh? NO NO NO, i have been through the nightmare, though the experience was precious, but I think I need to focus now...

Milo All Stars is coming up on 29th May!!! And I still can't beat the squashers' (girls summore >.
And now its hardcore diet... No more late dinners for me~~~~

Fruits as snack only... Gosh I really need to control myself man!!!!

Back to watching J-Drama again, people I present you Akai Ito and Mei Chan no Shitsuji~

I cried everytime I listen to the theme song... yeah the feminine side taps in
IF you wanna see hot chicks or hunks? try this series out... the hilarious scenes will make you laugh the whole day man!!!!
At last... Hot Guy ALERT!!!!

Shit man why are there sooo many hot guys around,while the girls most of the time have thick make ups and dyed multi-coloured hair???

The world is changing~~~

Swithering Away,


  1. glad that you've got a second thought. pharmacy is a good choice.

  2. ya think? maybe i can still help people by not taking medicine huh? just in another way t use my commune skills...

    but u sure taking medicine is a bad choice?

  3. Explore your options. But most importantly,explore your interests.

    Passion will carry you through a lot of things.

    Just my two cents worth. Cheers.

  4. kent: interests huh... that is one thing i don't really hold strong to it now... flicker-minded so to speak.... owh well... i should reall be considering right now...

  5. As much as i hate to say this,seminars do help.

    The whole listening-to-other-people's-experience part.

    Okay,i'm butting out.=D

    Good luck.

  6. kent: alright dude... thanks loads on that man!