Thursday, July 24, 2014

Buffetting : When life spells Cinderella

And you'd hope fairy god mother/father comes into your life and pave the gateway in meeting your knight in shining armor.

Today has been a whole day of chores and errands; for everyone else but myself.

The day was spent in the company sorting out papers and documents and files; for the family company

The night; literally whole night was spent in the kitchen cooking for the family.

No rest was granted until 12.30 am when all the kitchen wares were cleaned ; the floor free from the oil splattered during fish frying; and the kitchen towels are soaked and cleaned in the chlorine.

Cleaning up towards the end made me think so hard:

Why do only I need to put my life on hold while everyone else gets to live theirs normally?

Tomorrow's the niece's (another post) full moon while the mom had to prepare; but only I stayed back in the house to help out and all.

The dad, the younger siblings all get to live their lives playing sports "competitively" so to speak.

Life sometimes really spells Cinderella for me; even though everyone else seemed to think I'm living the prince's.

Errands will never end when I'm home; and my name would be the first to be yelled for chores.

Until I have enough reason and ability to live out of this Cinderella story; or till the prince in shining armor comes gallantly on a horse to save me.


  1. i don't get it on how come the chores isn't divided between siblings/family....what's their reaction if you suggest them to divide it?

    1. Division is not an option; because everyone else's life cannot be on hold.