Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buffetting : Small Ruminant Farm Practical Week 2 and 3

3 weeks passed by, somehow too fast yet too slow.

Fast because the people and environment were too conducive to learn:

1- I've learned to perform Artificial Insemination in goats. There is no way the university could have offered the chance to
2- I've learned to perform ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis on does with several indications, another chance the university probably wouldn't be able to offer.
3- I've also managed grab the chance to have my first horse-riding. Tiring, but it was certainly fun. Gives and idea on other riding opportunities*if you know what I mean*
4- People were nice, and veterinarian was extremely helpful and willingful to teach us all about small ruminant. Definitely have more to learn.

Slow because routine can be boring when the veterinarian is busy with office work, while we can't really do much with our limited knowledge,as well as access to treatments.

Ending the practical does tell me a few matters:

1- There is no way I will be in another practical with Gaga. Not a chance in hell. It's one thing if I were the only bitch, another when the whole group is definitely not into association.

2- Small ruminant IS a growing business; and an opportunity I would put serious thought about considering in my future investments. Large ruminant was what I intended, maybe it was the company; maybe it was the place. But this farm experience did cast a large impact on what I had in mind for my future farming prospects.

3- The original group I went with is still the most awesome group ever. Lady Boss, Ice Queen and Doraemi(named after her fanatic over Doraemon) were extremely nice and considerate in the whole practical. It was a blessing in disguise, and I'm surely looking forward for the upcoming 2 weeks practical with them.
managed to celebrate Ice Queen's 22nd Birthday with her family

Towards the end of the practical, I've managed to have some alone time with Lady Boss to talk about; plenty.

It has been a crazy academic year for both of us, and things began to change in various ways. We certainly have became extremely close in terms of friendship; and I truly appreciate the trust she lay on me about stuffs we discuss.

T left, and she certainly have dismissed the fact that T was pretty irresponsible for leaving me high and dry in the faithful Wesak.

But Lady Boss is an extremely nice person; and she still managed to light me up:


True enough. It would be easier if some things were different. But the cards have been dealt, I guess I just have to play my way to the end of the game.

Maybe after I graduate, maybe not. Some how, I feel like I am traumatized in a certain mild way in this territory of life.

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