Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buffetting : Ethics and Etiquette

As veterinary students, we have been advised and reminded constantly to be aware of what we say, what we do, what we preach and even what we post online in the social media.

In a few more years, I would be registered under a professional body and board. holding title of a Dr.

That title, bears not just the responsibility to the animals but social responsibility as well.

Somehow, there are juniors these days who lack the wisdom to filter the information which deems fit to be shared to the public; or purely  academical.

An example would be as follow:

The picture above shows me feeding a kid with a milk bottle; something which even laymen can do in farms and its not an extremely profession based skill. Of course, there are methods in restraining the kid, as well as techniques to prevent choking by the kid. Yet, its still something most laymen can relate well.

The following picture:

The picture above shows a crush to restrain a doe to raise its rear for us to perform Artificial Insemination. At this point, nothing gory; nor any needles or blood has been shown. The rear was merely raised, and the animal isn't in distress or unfit in anyway to be shown to the public However, if I were to put a picture of a vulva(vaginal opening) retracted with an AI gun injected into it, it would be deemed as an academical information. One which I would need to get the permission from the owner of the goat to disclose the information, because the technique, tools and animal might not be in a publicly fit condition to be shown. 

Others include surgical procedures or gory wound pictures.

This is something, at least I would press hard in keeping the right information to be deemed academic or publicly safe.
its okay to steal a nap whenever you can in our profession too!

It's the veterinary ethics and etiquette, which I truly hope some juniors would remember if you are reading, and be wise. Don't disgrace the veterinary profession.

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