Monday, July 14, 2014

Buffetting : Over-Capability

There was once I adore the help everyone came to me for my flairs for various matters.

But as of now, I feel like they become unnecessary burdens.

Ice Queen, Lady Boss as well as fellow blogger Calvin mentioned this:

You are too capable.

Which I find, not true to certain extent.

If I were to be that capable, wouldn't I be earning bucks now?

or am I too dependable?

To the point that, everything single stuffs in the house probably lie under my nose.

Domestic work is probably the one I'm extremely frustrated; inclusive of the Office work while my sis is on her confinement, its as if I'm this free dude in his semester break whom only mission in life is to please everyone else but myself.

Take today for example;

The whole day was spent in the office running errands in my Monday blue attire.

Before the day ends, I still have to become my sister's driver to get her back home and all.

I'd swear if I were not to insist I am heading for combat at night, my parents would ought to get me to do the tuition driving too; while my younger brother gets the benefit of doubt because he is now training for competitive badminton.

I am complaining, yes. Like, even after someone else who have gotten all the abilities to run the house; I still have to step in to fix everything else while he lives his happy life; I have to do all errands.

Double standard much?

If I were to say I wish to work in a clinic; my parents being cynical they have always been to me would say that:

" We are all working like dogs and you go and treat dogs. You siao ar?"

But, my younger brother and sister get to go to their badminton training while claimed to be some side career or what ever shit.

It's always double standard in my family. My elder sis finally freed herself after her marriage; but apparently I will stick like this forever.

Until I get myself too busy to give myself the benefit of the doubt too.

Being forged over the years to be handling multiple chores and matters; sometimes one would really ask whether if this is worth all the trouble. Especially right now.


  1. ah... then its not over capable liao if its errands, its more like they expect you to do errands then expecting you to excel in it lol.
    life is an elder brother i guess, i was expected to do tat when i go home, and i totally go bonkers if i am asked to do thing every day.
    if u want, run away after u graduate bah lol.

    1. again, WELCOME BACK *pop confettisssss*

      I know right? It's so weird. It's definitely not over capable when its just all about errands. And somehow, I complete tasks 3rice as faster compared to the rest of the family.

      Everyday for the past 5 years can you imagine? My sis only need to be a driver for 1, but I did for 5 wtf? And everyone keeps on saying: You are the eldest SON mar.

      Run away after I grad is totally tempting. heck I'm even trying really hard to run away now!

  2. I guess it's just family being family = ) Help them out lor whenever you can. But I know la how it feels doing this and that I guess parents wanna take a bit of time off as well after so many years =)

    1. But its not fair to take it out on just one son ya know? Like, I need a breather at home too. If not I would just pay to be in a hotel for a break lol.

      I understand its family; but a family runs when everyone contributes. Not just a single soul like me T.T

  3. Yay! I saw my name :D Remember to read mine. You missed 6 posts I think. LOL

    1. Got so many anot..... me no comment doesn't mean I didn't read okay! Hang pun bukan semuanya comment kat post gua jugakkkk