Friday, July 18, 2014

Buffetting : MBR

Great movie, seriously. 

It's just how things were to be different if only; if only everyone would just be accepting.

Long story short; it wasn't a happy ending.

But, the process was great. Every bits of it was something everyone wish to have in their relationship.

Love changes.

Love aches.

Love reciprocates.

but who knew, Love kills too.

Anyone who wants this can always get the soft-copy subbed from me!

quote: Love is not about courage. It's about to love; or not to love-- Golf. 


  1. too many plot twist omg, but yeah great movie, and Golf is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee and naughty. Mini crush!

    1. LOL. Yea the plot twist is crazy during the climax scenes. But the scene right before the aunt found out was just *AWWWWWWWWW*

      Golf? Okay la. Got a huge crush on Bank instead for some reasons hahahahaha