Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buffetting : Speedy recovery

So I thought it was; or is it?

Looking through another star whom seeming I though looked like T before; surprisingly the character of my name too; made me realize I am gradually getting over T.

I guess its a speedy recovery; considering it was my first relationship. Some horoscope posted it usually takes 1 year for a Leo to forget someone; I wonder which date it begins?

On another hand, another person whom I realized have been texting me in odd times texted me on the social media. It was someone whom I have acquainted to for some time.

Man I was desperate enough to do some background check before I continued our conversation; thinking that something might happen.

It turns out it was an invitation to some health talk.

Well, at this point I give up in trying to think something magical like T would happen again. Heck, miracle happens only once; not annually or every leap year.

I need to get out there and recompose myself.

Being together with T for that 9 short months tolled me on my subtle side of relationship and its irking me.

But wait, I'm grounded at home or in the company for the next 3 weeks while the rest of the semester break is spent on practical with the usual gang.

Great, distractions you can come and pester now.


  1. Hahaha... don't you know already that friends or acquaintances who don't chat with you regularly suddenly appear saying hi, how are you... are usually having something up the sleeve? LOL either trying to talk you into buying insurance from them, attending some seminars, get freebies, etc.

    Something magical? Another miracle? Nah... WAKE UP! Face reality and get back to work! Hahaha... :p

    1. Yes yes.

      I'm working even at home in my bed. Happy lah kan?

  2. time heals...scars remain...this is life...

    1. Well, they do. It's like this fibrosis building in the mind. But, it only will need to be a fragment of my memories, not all of it!