Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buffetting : Heredity

Some of us take after our parents in some instance:

1- My brother takes after my dad's athletic skills as well as the pranks and "pattern" they pull off all the time.
2- My elder sister takes after my mom's skills in managing, some matters including the whole company.
3- My younger sister takes after my mom's looks and my dad's athletic skills, putting her a good looker and a great sportswomen.

Yes, here comes the nag, apparently I inherited the most unapparent ones, more like unnecessarily apparent.

I take after my mom's rage, my dad's stubbornness and bluntness, my great-grandfather's unusually huge physique.

Apart from these, I don't seemed to have much of a connection of my lineage. People out there walk into our house saying they see my parents in each and everyone one of my siblings, except for me.

I wonder what I'd really inherited from my lineage.


  1. It probably is something you don't realise yourself, maybe not now.. ;)

    1. The size is obvious, but not everything else though.