Thursday, August 1, 2013

Buffetting : Never Alone..?

I was running across the co-director's post until this caught my attention:


Like, is that supposed to be a joke or something to take seriously?

If I'd have Demodex I'd probably need to be MORE alone than being accompanied by the parasite.

Sometimes, one can be really alone, when there's no one to confide into.

Of course some would argue about the presence of the social media and all.

But really, how many do you have that one or two or few person you can really tell em all?

Frankly, I'm not too sure. Tell em all doesn't seemed to work for everyone, when everyone doesn't wish to tell em all either.



  1. It's simply not possible to tell them all. We will always have something that we gonna(or have to) keep to ourselves

    how many...I also dont know how many. It always fluctuate every now and then

    1. Fluctuate seriously?

      I believe one day there's this one person that I can tell em all. Let's hope that one day comes fast.

  2. Don't end up you tell 'em all, they also help you to tell 'em all

    1. I know right??!!! It's like, who to tell'em all, really?? Who would I confide in 100% to know it would stick and doesn't gets out there like a wild fire?

  3. alone or not alone it depends on how people view it,like some view a glass as half full and some half empty....some people got lovers and many friends yet they can feel alone...

    1. True enough, everyone have their own perceptions on what "alone" accounts for themselves.

      But one only need really that one person to confide in to not feel that bit of loneliness though