Saturday, August 17, 2013

Buffetting : Promise

T and I have a promise now.

The next time I meet T, I would play the saxophone; and T would be singing the song I'm playing to me.

And the song, well, the MV speaks a million words.

Which song? Hmm, I wonder if I even should post it here.

As of now, I'm pretty sure its like, we are "Doing this" kind of thing, but we aren't EXACTLY yet?

But deep down inside I do ask myself, what does T really sees in me?

Would this be, just a surge like Bimbo had with her other copy in Chiang Mai, or would it be, for real good?



  1. SIAPA?! Is it what im thinking it is?? Finally not waiting for 30?? :D

    1. T made me feel like going for it now instead of 30 though! Haha, I will make a decent post about T once I've confirmed the direction of this relationship. So far, its still very cloudish XD

  2. OMG!!! I like that name T!!! T and Tempus makes T & T !!! Yay!!!

    1. Haha, but I'm not referred as Tempus in real life remember? Well, I just hope this can remain and flourish in the long run, just like your relationship!