Monday, August 19, 2013

Buffetting : 1 week with T

It has been one week since T has started engaging with me, from the conference.

Great, I have yet to post about the 4th IVSA Asian Conference had I?

With busy family commitments, driver duties, and spending time (like all of it) with T; I guess posting about the experience will probably have to wait.

I'd promise I will post about it, it was where I got to meet T anyway.

We are still texting, that's for sure. 3 hours flight from each other, its like the only mean we have contacting each other.

Just 10 minutes ago, T was asking about a status I posted on the social media.

He asked, who is the "you" I have mentioned.

I was trying to be discreet and all, but hinting T by printing T's name in capslock.

T didn't exactly get it, when the conversation goes like this:

T: Who is the "you" in the status?

Tempus: Who do you think, CAPSLOCK NAME

T: I think its someone you miss a lot.

Tempus: Yes T. I miss meeting this person everyday face to face. Do you have someone you miss?

T: Yes I have.

Tempus: And who would that be?

T: I think you know my answer.

Tempus: Do yo know my answer?

T: Yes.

Green light? Yes, no? T did mention that knowing this person more will make T sure of whether this person is the person T has been looking for.

I mean, we do stuffs like, posting our meals for each other to see if we are actually eating, posting pictures of our daily lives like T in the field and me in the badminton court, T in lecture while me busy driving the sister around.

I guess we both needed more assurance, and hell I'd wish I can be assured, and be T's assurance.

I guess time would be our best aid as of now.

Will be dreaming about T tonight~


  1. Fuiyohhhh!! aiya stop the guessing game... if suka just tell/ask :). I was also the first to pop the question :P.

    1. We kinda know the answers but the bubble just wouldn't pop on both sides! I am trying to give T more time so T could really sink in, and know me more for assurance.

    2. fuiyo fuiyo~ just dont take too long la :). IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! NO NEED WAIT TILL 30!!

      Wasnt i right that when the time comes, it'll just happen >:P

    3. Well, we knows right? This happened without me knowing it coming either.

      YOU WERE THAT WORRIED MEHHHHHH???!!! Who knows la. I'm not too sure. I did try celibate till 30, but it doesn't harm to get committed before that, unless, well, we are both that desperate la.

      It really just DID. I didn't even see it coming until the posts in the social media come banging into my face. The others probably didn't know who T meant, but somehow my guts just tell me, "it's you bitch and you know it"

      I just hope everything goes well step by step lo. Cross border relationship leh...

    4. Hi Tempus,like Alex i'm worried also...better get things clear with T....don't make him wait and good things can't be delayed:D

    5. Hmm, I wonder who's keeping who waiting? It might be the cultural differences and all, and T is kinda avoiding some one my questions in my opinion. But it can be that he don't get my message through the message service, or he might just want to get things slower.

      We have like 4 years to graduation, so we kinda want to know each other more first.

  2. I'M DYING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU GUYS!!!! *squel*!!!!!

    1. I'm sure we are one of the most boring ones out there compared to the adventures you had! We are really just, doing what people who fell in love doing XD