Friday, August 16, 2013

Buffetting : Just Spill It!

When a person gets connected with you, like 12 hours of the time in the day, and you do it at the same time, it CAN be concluded that there's a chemistry there right?

Chiang Mai has been great, but I'll save the post on the conference experience for next post.

What I'm really confused now is, that this person, let's give the name T.

T has been really persistent, and I'm pretty receptive too. T is really warm, kind, and definitely someone worth looking up to.

The texts every night, and me staying up for T, T staying up for me, constantly wishing to talk to each other, we do have the connection, am I wrong?

What is confusing me is the questions T ask all the time, it's as if there's someone else out there, but at the same time, I feel like T is referring to me and me having a chance of go at this relationship!

Really T, am I just another person you confide in, or do we get a chance at this?

This is interesting, and definitely is making me crazy.

Sign of right person: being illogical.


  1. how exciting that finally you have someone looking up on you! I've been dying to have one.

    1. I'm really confused though! It SEEMED to be me, but T puts it as if it might not be me. IT's like a crazy mind game.

      You? I'm sure if you are willing to ditch the fabulous life you can get a steady one within snaps of fingers.

      But what I can say is, it is REALLY hard and rare to meet someone though. If this is true, T is always 3 hours flight away from me. XD IF it works out.

    2. i'm ready for settling down after much loads of sex I have been having. its' time.

    3. Good to hear that. I guess everyone wishes to have fun at some parts of their lives!