Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buffetting : Revisiting Numerology

So the seminar for numerology is back in town while the parents headed for the seminar.

Apparently everyone has a life number, and anyone who was born on that date has that particular number, which leads to particular traits.

So here are something(s) the numerology speaker guaranteed to my parents via their calculation findings about me:

1- I will earn big bucks in the legislative field.
Hinting I should totally venture into law because of my flair for arguments and twisted facts. My mom even hinted me to take up part-time or full time law once I'm done with my veterinary studies. Like SERIOUSLY. To HER surprise, I expressed my affinity for that particular region, because of the fact that it speaks of arguments. In my veterinary students, we do have a subject named Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence. A subject which I totally aced and performed, simply because I can see the arguments and the loopholes of the laws when we do case studies, in veterinary aspects of course. The lecturer which everyone hated became my idol while I was the only one getting a HD from his assignment. Well, you get the drill. But, part-time law? Hmmmmmmmmmm

2-I am a womanizer/manizer.
Wait WHAT??!!! Hello, I'm like the last person in the house possibly, to get a date; or to get laid; where the hell did that come from? I knew people from my school with same birthdates as I do, and what, they all are prone to this?? Apparently education might change this, but seriously?

3-I am a sissy.
Well, what's new right? I'm too big and large now I have to be sissy. I can't exactly suave and be "masculine" or I probably scare people off. I'm like a stuck between, I'm too manly to be a full sissy and I'm too sissy to be a full man. Wait, that makes everyone with the same birthdate as I do, that too. Now this is confusing.

While I am a firm believer at some point on numerology, some facts are WAY too twisted for me to take in. Like really, a womanizer? I'm a freakin Leo. That makes all Leo in 1991 with my birthday the same.

On the side note, hitting Chiang Mai tomorrow for the IVSA Asia Conference for about a week's time. So there's another hiatus!

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