Thursday, June 6, 2013

Buffetting : What does it mean?

So we had Monkey's birthday celebration the other night after the class party.

Apparently 108 people can whip things up very easily within 24 hours to set a party for a 108 people. The power of unity, seriously.

Post-party, we Vet-souls have our own little party of ourselves.

It's not like Monkey didn't see it coming because he would have left if he didn't know.

The routine includes slamming watermelon skin into each others' faces and heads; in which everyone in the field became target except for me.

Lady Boss asked him to dump it into my face, and me being all smoked up and yet to shower for the night was well prepared for the dump.

Except when Monkey decided not to and said:

"Everyone and anyone except for Bos. Bos, cannot."

I'm not too sure how to interpret that though, after all these while knowing him.

The possibilities?

1- I'm still a stranger.
2- I'm being imprinted as the dominant male not to be challenged since orientation.
3- I give the vibe that no one else should temper me.

I wonder. Am I a stranger?

Side note, study week coming to an end and I still have yet to complete any subjects. Back to lymph node centers and the parts they drain then~


  1. who ask u so scary looking all the time?

    1. I don't look scary around my boys okay! we do crazy stuffs as housemates!

    2. icic... i dun wanna imagine +_+