Saturday, June 29, 2013

Buffetting : Pre-Porcine Farm Practical

The pit stop a day before the next series of farm practical: Kampar!

Money's hometown is about south by 30 kilometers from our next farm destination, and since we've planned to have a bit more time to ponder about before the next practical start, her house served as our best harbor.

Had a lil tense moment when
I kinda whined about how I should have gone back to Subang for I would have known 100 times better the route towards north from there compared to Selayang when we head back from Karak. 

The girls were talking about why should I seek for the fastest alternative to the place, when we'd actually have no check in time for practical or what not.

I was pissed off instantly.

Saying that,offended me quite a lil, especially when I was totally trying to get them more comfortable with all the items and baggage packed up in my sister's CR-V; and by reaching the destination sooner that can be done.

I maxed out the volume dial and stayed silent for at least 30 minutes in the car while driving.

Totally mad, but I see it as a way to keep my cool. If I talked more the whole car would have hated me.

So and so, we managed to reach the place even 30 minutes before expected time. Hell yeah, I guess I'm that good, or rather am I lucky enough to get there without traffic?

Had a great feast, knowing Money's parents that they are pretty cool duo to chat with, and her pets at home so adorable-im-going-to-die; and,

World War Z.

Another zombie movie. Should have totally went for The Heat if I googled up and know that it was zombie related.

It wasn't exactly a waste with all the thriller effect, but I really needed the Heat.

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