Saturday, June 29, 2013

Buffetting : Poultry Farm Practical Day 1 and 2

       The whole practical started off with a 2 days quarantine; which we barely it to a complete 2 days. But since we are on the clock, the manager decided that a quarantine without close contact with any other avian is still deemed quarantined.
The whole purpose of quarantine was about biosecurity at the first place; so as the birds from each production stages wouldn’t be susceptible to outside; bodily borne diseases. It can be concluded that biosecurity under this management is very stringent. Heck, every bird accounts to profit and loss; and one pathogen can wipe the whole house out putting losses up to million ringgits.

        Stepping into the dorm after greeted by Ah Loong, the newly promoted manager told us this practical would definitely be a comfortable one. The dorm is air-conditioned with comfortable setting, furbished even with a TV set and Astro device. Really, even the residential college can’t beat that. The first 2 days were really all about quarantine so the 6 of us only loitered in the dorm while reading up poultry production notes to refresh ourselves the knowledge we have long forgotten in last semester.

         That was before the farm owner; or rather the enterprise’s owner came in to brief us about the program we will be brought about for the upcoming week. 1st hatchery, then the pullet house and last but not least the breeding flock house. We spent a hefty 3 hours on discussing about the history of the farm, the history of the enterprise, the difference of management in this farm compared to others, the poultry market up in both East and West coast of Malaysia, and even up to the dorm’s food. The little discussion ended with us knowing what to ponder around the program for the upcoming week; including the biosecurity measurements, the ways and methods entering the house and so on.

         So we had the 6 of us, 2 paired mates, a lil me and another lil Hottie. This practical somewhat allowed the simulation of us moving out of the residential college and moving into a rented house in the future. Well, we ought to turn out fine since the last 2 days were still fine by me, but Pete knows what the others are thinking.  I guess I’m gradually getting used to 2nd chances being lovey-dovey around now; though kid-sister pair has a lesser extent of PDA around us. It’s not that bad, just the usual lovey-dovey; but well It’s not like I have another person to affectionate to anyway so you get the picture ait?

       The whole management would be really dry and the report is quite long, so putting it up here would really bore those who don’t favor the livestock industry.

As of now, I guess I should be living my life happily without really thinking about other stuffs. Just feel the moment like Christina Aguilera.

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