Monday, May 21, 2012

Buffetting : Person to talk to

You know people tend to find other people to talk to, about just ANYTHING.

As for me, well, so far I do talk to people I know about problems, underlying problems. But that's because I just need to throw my problems out.

Other than that, everything goes back into the lil drawer in my mind.

And so somehow I became the key to other people's drawer, unknowingly.

It was just 12 weeks in Monash, and people do start telling me stories.

Practically about anything. Sometimes the topics just caught me off guard.

It ranges from girls talking about homosexuality and guys talking about how to date girls, the dad's friend has gotten HIV and the brother is in love with Chris Evans.

Some even asked me how they'd looked in their new outfit.


But then again, this was a comment I got from one of my coursemates in Monash, which I'm totally flattered:

"I find you much easier to talk to than *beep*. *Beep* sometimes just give me some weird vibes."

Wow, that's a real breathtaking compliment. I mean, being able to let someone else to lose their guard on you to tell you everything is pretty much a big thing to do. I know I don't just lay down my guard easily.

And I do welcome people to talk to me, and I've really learned to just listen and give cohesive replies to let people to talk more.

It just stroke me when one of my coursemate just PMed me and wondered where on earth did I disappear to. I didn't attend university for the past week because the mom needs lotsa help in the company.

Since I won't be continuing my studies in Monash anymore, why bother attending right? I did want to attend some pharmacology classes, but work calls.

So he actually noticed my absence. I guess I am that obvious after all.

Delusion, that part of me never changed since Taylors I guess.

I guess somehow I'm meant to take up roles as psychiatrist or psychologists by nature.

Yet, I think I will go for allowing animals to open up their hearts to the cruel cruel human population.


  1. Your hidung must've kembang till so big liao :P!!

    1. my nose memang big ok? Other place else can kembang la XD

  2. hahahaha...that shud be fun...listening to ppl's some sort of entertainment for me..hehe =P

    good for u la....u can be like the dog whisperer =D in case u are bored in handling ur hosp later, u have backup plan to fall to XD hahaha

    1. yea it is fun, and its even more comforting to know people actually trust you.

      dog whisperer? so listen to dogs and all is it?

    2. yeah, true enough..not easy for ppl to open up since lot of ppl tend to abuse it..

      hahaha..yup sort of..this is actually a tv show..not sure u watch it or not

    3. yea, its kinda hard to know when to draw the lines, and sometimes i just keep quiet and let people finish before i decide to talk or chat more.

      tv show~haha i googled it and actually found out the guy filed a divorce because he claims canines are better than women! wtheck

    4. yeah...sometimes ppl jsut want to talk without hearing any advice from us..that's the hardest thing to detect, whether we should jsut listen or throw opinion as well

      hahahahahaha..what the heck...i never heard such new interesting..hope u dont become that obsessed..hehe

      btw, nice new more dark, gloomy XD hehe

    5. true that. that's why the tough issue of line drawing. see la, if the pause is long, and he is expecting reply, then prompt a bit lor. if he speaks somemore, let him la.

      hmm, who knows? i might!

      haha dark and gloomy were the days, now time to whip up something lighter to chase after the zephyr chyme!

    6. NOOOOO!!!!!!!dont be like that...there is too few good candidates d out there XD hehe

      what i mean is someone that just want to voice out their problem without wanting to hear any advice..haha..oh well

    7. pffft, i doubt I'm in the list! plus i did decide to renounce someday in my late years to practice as a monk, so im fine with that.

      yea, lotsa people do that, especially ladies. All they want is a person to contain, and say "Yes, you are right" all the way to comfort them.

  3. Now you know you have the gift, that would make people trust on you. you must have done something great or good in acting great*gusta wth*, than only people would trust on u. you must be the first one. =D

    we shall see whether it works on animals. got bitten/kicked not during rotation. =D

    1. good in acting haha, must be man! who knows? but its good to allow people to entrust you with matters, at least people appreciate in some ways and you know it xD

      hmm, i'll see how it goes. So far still haven't get anything from surrounding animals yet, but i find myself really bad with cars. dogs, cattle, sheep all ok nia.

  4. it really baffles me when some people talk about really private stuff with people they barely know.

    and, i hate green.

    1. hmm, define barely know.

      and, i hate blue right now Xp

    2. barely know = you and I

      ooh. means you won't visit my blog anymore

    3. BITCH blonde!

      you hated green and you are still dropping a comment!


    4. it never occurred to you that I'm being extra nice? who's blonde now?

    5. good! keep it up!

      i mean, BLONDAY~

  5. i guess you won't be so turned off if you actually regard those as the ones you'd open up to?

    hope your med school experience was good enough.

    different folks, different strokes (as i always say)

    no doubt you will rock vet school :)

    1. most probably! but still, sometimes i feel strangers are more of a turn on for me, in the other way.

      it was fine, the company was fine, its just I don't feel like studying there, its like im there just for the sake of being there.

      I like it! rhymes and make total sense!

      I hope I do! my whole course chronology is kinda messed up, but oh well what's new right?