Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buffetting : Grammar Nazi

I have this tendency to correct people's grammar( at least English ones) when I find it wrong, to me at least.

Although not all attempts were right, I would say 90% of the attempts was on the right track.

So its kind of a personal grudge, or whatever they call it, that I have for this particular cousin from my paternal side.

He was the kinda boastful typo, saying that

"Oh I'm good in chemistry, so I took up Chem Engineering."

And later on he swapped to ACCA claiming that the education  quality in the engineering school sucked.

"Oh I have a backup plan, something which I even better in! Accounting!"

And later on he swapper to Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, after several fails of his papers in ACCA.

So much for being good are we? At least  I tried to maintain my standard of results throughout my course of studies.

I remembered so clearly that he said ACCA has a much higher fail rate than med schools.

Please, I took STPM. Take it and then talk to me. Period.

And there's so much to do with his active participation is various, so to speak "Social Networking" like being a blogger, a photographer for events*to earn bucks* and all the stuffs.

And your primary role as a student to at least pass your exams? "My dad paying wart."

Ok so back to my grammar Nazi mode when I read his blog:

1) introduced the brand new iPad interactive menu which is much more convenient and easy operate for the customer.

Me: easy TO operate

2)  This newly added dishes compromises fresh servings of prawns, tuna flakes and snow crab legs in it.

I wonder how dishes compromise-s themselves?

Me: comprise, without the S

3)  It’s a truly refreshing dishes 

 Me: There's only It, not They. So its a DISH only.

4) the soft shell crab meat were sweet in taste and goes well with the sushi rice and spicy mayonnaise.

Make up your freakin mind. It's a singular or plural???!!!

5)  I always have the impression that Japanese curry was much more salty and sweet than the local one. This curry udon were much more mild in taste and rich in aroma.

Me: I have always HAD the impression; much saltier and sweeter; curry udon WAS.

Can you imagine the number of times I'd actually rolled my eyes reading this "food REVIEW"

Please, don't embarrass yourself in the public with your petty grammatical errors, and claiming that you do great reviews.

I'm a bitch aren't I?

Taking it personal? Oh I totally am. 

Don't you even dare to boast in front of my family members, because I'm going to take you down with all I can.


  1. Loving the new look of your blog. And I probably am as much of a grammar nazi as you are, just a rather.. how would you say it, passive Nazi? Haha, what annoys me the most..
    Your vs. You're
    Their vs they're

    1. haha thanks! i just flip through the new blogger designs and WAHLAH~

      Haha passive nazi woohoo! Mine was Never vs Didn't.

      People just don't get when they should use never!

  2. I guess everyone has their own pet peeve. But it can be a bit exhausting if you are reading a particular article, and you have this compulsion to correct every grammmar mistake the author made. Takes out the fun of reading don't you think?

    1. Hmm, well for this cousin of mine, I have fun correcting his pathetic grammatical errors. Gosh and he is like 22 already?

      Haha oh well, for articles I can relates to, yes it totally kills the mood.

      But for people I despise, oh this is so much fun.

  3. hahahha...i'm sure u are screaming when u were reading my blog..sorry tempus..i will try to soothe the torture a bit...mwahahah =P

    1. not at all! your english is fine! the blog I was reading was a JOKE

  4. Oh gosh, I can imagine you reading my blog. How much you wish you have a red pen with you that you could correct the post without the entry to my blog admin. sorry.... =C

    next time send you a draft of my post first. =P

    1. Hahahahah chillax!

      I only pick on annoying people! So you are definitely not in the list, and I read it as it goes.

      Although i have to convert to cina style english when I read your blog XD

      Joke joke!

      I'm not good enough to proof read yet!

    2. pig u.. yeah, cina style english. I wonder, how long would it take to reach your english writing level or to the level, even in my dream, I talk in english. *woah*

    3. haha joking nia~ my engrish so so only,i have even better, the ones whom I can't comprehend even when they are composing an article. but those quite weird one la, so lets stay to normal level haha

      no need to talk in english in your dreams! just watch more, read more speak more, slowly it will kick in. that's how it works all the time. my drama class teacher's secret: read the books you read out loud, so the tenses and structure kicks into your speaking easily.

      5 minutes a day is more than enough XD

  5. I used to be one. Once upon a time that is.

    1. don't pfft. it can be worse than severe OCD


      but i did encounter one lady who just snipe down anyone else's english without any consideration. The best part is she never knew she was doing it.

    3. it was a reason for one of my break ups. just saying that it could get ugly

    4. are you serious?! because of a snipinng thing? hmm, reminds me of me sniping my good friend. XD

    5. that and many other things. but yeah, that was one of the reasons. it's always good to learn (:

    6. yea, but if my mate overdid it, im going to screw em up too,

  6. Ahhh... The stress of writing in public... I used to only torture my teachers and who ever that marks my paper... Would pay extra attention to my next post... Please dont die from shock on my error... Annyoing bostful cousins, we all have em dont we? Haha...

    1. we do? pain in the arse aren't they? annoying cousins.

      haha I don't just correct anyone! gotta think of others' feelings also. but this arse, snipe it.

    2. oh~ every chinese new year... they and their "latest" gadgets, designers clothes etc
      *roll eyes*

      More like sticking those ipad/galaxy whatever up their sorry arse~ ops... hahaha


    3. oh true THAT true THAT!!!! Seriously, what's with taking the ipad EVERYWHERE??!! Aren't your iPhones enough already? learn some manners man.

      not sure if its up their arses, but soon when I have my own lot, i will ban all forms of ipads or whatever from entering the premise. Why bother visiting when u clearly have more interest with ur Pads?