Thursday, May 17, 2012

Buffetting : Absolute

I find myself really radical these days.

Almost everything should be absolute.

For example would be the decision of me ditching medicine for vet.

Before I reached mutual agreement with my mom, I had these extreme thoughts:

1- Complete abandonment of my familial ties
2- Complete disowning of my parents on me
3- Complete shift in lifestyle, including of self-supporting work and adult-university life.

Thanks Ms Carol for identifying that for me.

It is down right extreme I know, but then again, somehow its in my nature.

I've somewhat grew to not learn to compromise, in which most situations I could, in which I used to do.

And today, I pull out another stint to complete disattachment from my current medical student life.

1- Leaving the groups in my PBL and the 2012 Med group in FB.
2- Complete deletion of Grey's Anatomy.
Whoa, don't have to go that for to fix that man.

somehow Grey's seemed so trivial and shallow after I've enrolled in medicine, and after I've decided to venture into vet.

Okay Grey fans don't hate me. Loved the drama, but not the reason for me to enroll into a med school. Kids out there, think a million times before you've decided to enroll.

Do you think I'm an extremist by doing these?

Somehow I think it helps me to move on to next phases of my life, easier and faster.

No attachment.

Ooh, a stud material. Yea I think I will become one some day.

Lets hope that doesn't happen shall we?


  1. hahahaha...not really is a good way to deal with problems at hand rather than thinking it wont happen that bad and suddenly hits us hard XD

    1. hmm, but sometimes I really hate surprises especially during functions and events. i can deal with them, but doesn't mean i like them to happen XD

  2. Follow your heart la.. Funny thing is that I think I have more close friends doing vet then med..
    What they are learning seems really interesting..
    Good luck!! ;)

    1. haha you have more close friends doing vet?! shit competition. Where are they studying? overseas?

  3. But what's wrong with poor Meredith Grey and McDreamy! Haha.

    1. NOTHING!! Just want a clean state from human medicine that's all. Their drama is still way better than any others out there.

  4. It's good to know what you want. It's your life.

    1. Thanks! Yea, at least I'm doing what I love!