Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally, new post

haha just finish a busy day.... well i din't know that blogging need this much effort.. haha juz finished debating that squirtle can use ice skills under "water type pokemon" hahaha... anyways... today was a great day, just that yesterday was more interesting.
Knowing people' crush and knowing that the other person is also doing the same thing is just simply fanatstic, moreover they ARE your food friends.
Ha..... i seriously have no idea what to think of these issues because i really envy those who have a crush, and i never had any... or at least until now not at least one...
Maybe i just easily get too close to someone as a friend, or as a reliable family memeber (eg:brother or father). Some how it is like a weakness... Not being able to get even someone to like is like an issue in my head nowadays, no idea why, maybe its my surrouding is full of lovey-dovies..... well just a little desperate for love

Never knew how it taste... the further i went before is just getting close to girl as a spiritual friend and trustworth female secret lair.Ugh, why am I so nice and easy to mix with?(not being self-centred here).

Well thats about love issue, the secret between me. jr, yi xian and yuet hahahah.

Loving Engine Sentai Go-onger!!!!

Go-on gold a.k.a. Hiroto portrayed by Tokuyama Hidenori

His acting and singing are superb..... eve is like the angel's chant... well thats what i thought...

The Charmed series are really cool and check this out:
Phoebe: Piper get back on the ball
Piper : You get on the ball! I quit!
Gypsy: Piper the birthing ball really makes homebirth much more easier.
Piper: I am goin to the hospital people. How many times i have to say this, I am goin to the hospital(with a little hym)

Phoebe: Do you think we have can water birth?
Gypsy: We can always rent a tub...
Piper What do you think I'm now?A dolphin?! I'm not giving birth to a fish!!!!
Leo:Dolphins are mammals , Piper not fish.
Piper:(Im gonna kill you)*stare*

This is the best American-female leading show ever!!! Anywas, I think I had it today soooo

Quotes of the day:

Jer Renn: I used 200k to buy the lab ray, its 400k now hahahah(neopets)
Yuet Yin:Binnn , I like the pictures.... I love Melvynn( Methodist High, form 4 hot guy)
Yi Xian: My relationship with miss * is still hanging there....
Iman: The defination of obesity, the body fat oever 20% of body height or sumthing(biology f4)
Kean Weng: Bin i wanna hump you, just kidding
Yee Sing: Jya, matta ne~....

I think i shall make the quotes of honour tomorrow then

Signing off,




    HAha... anyway...

    Welcome to the world of blogging, where anything offensive can get you arrested lol!

  2. haha i love piper though haha thx for the tips poseidon.... checkj out my latest blog.