Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trials OVER!!!!!!!

Whoa finally a relief in september!!! after all the hard work.... i hope it will pay offf.......
Wow, cant imagin trials is actually over!!! and the same date on november, i think i will have a greater relief!!!!

Today, was funny, really... Me, yuet, jr, and jess not to forget yi xian who was late spent our time b4r est paper in the library.... We talked about all sorts of nonsense in that cabin of our school( its even smaller than my class!!!!!!)

The best part was about jess and s** ****g hahah guess its between few of us hehehe.......

Well the lunch became an issue and stuffz just start wirggling around.

But, I am very confused with B n G relationship now....

The guy IS really shy type and the girl wasn't really paying attention to the guy. And the guy was so quiet in the whole unch session and i had to whisper around to get things moving... May be it wasnt such a good idea to get so many people in the same table, especially when the lovey dovey is in the air...

Yet, the guy's best friend, well isn't as sensitive as me, i guess and was tossing visible signs around and the girl was very uncomfortable. I tried to warm things up but it didn't work... Me n xian tried hard but peng han, well as a typical MCA( includin steven and all) just couldn't control himself, HAH!

Well, throughout the lunch i had to entertaint the girl, duh she was like a "balak" over there.....
She told me that she was't having much interest with HIM like she had, but i'm just a little confused with both parties' situation... Guess plating match making is not as easy as it USED to be, haha if ya get what i mean.

That was the b n g, now its about physique... This was really funny. I was holding arif's camera when hannah asked for it to take a look. The first picture, she stared for 2 seconds and started laughing, HARD... I take a look guess what was it? Jie wei's butt.....

I stared at her with my naughty grin and she said, " I wouldn't have laugh if i was naughtyn ok?" and she continued laughin.... I was like, haha its so obvious you GOT naughty coz grils dun actually laugh when they saw a guy's butt( being around with an elder sister 4r 17 years, i think i know)... Hannah.... you are such a cute and funny person!

Back to my story... Well i guess im born to walk the "ALONE" path as things just dun turn out well all the time..... Another friend of mine asked whther to play badminton with them today, i wanted to say know but she insisted so i was like, fine.... lets go... but i mentioned that i would prefer to go for squash...but i said yes!

Then it come to wednesday, when i found out that my other circle of friends are also going for badminton.. so jess asked me whether to join them. I turned her down coz the other girl asked me 1st, and i explained that its normal for the guy circle of friends dun ask me coz i normally dont join them, i have tuition. Then jess said alrighty, but lets go for lunch together, so i said ok...

Just b4r the exam satrt, the girl and her best friend told me that i can go for squash coz she was tying to ask my badminton partner and his brother for the game. I understand that they were trying to let me have my way of fun, but i did said ok b4r this... so it turned out to be a little hurtful to me, even im a guy(over sensitive part of me, always there)

I was down the whole day and sai cheong found out, but he just looked at me to check things in... I know his stare, im a convex stereo vision, even my eyes are small....
But, i guess my happy-go-lucky attitude saves my day all the time... it just that when i sat down here and start typnig, i can tell everything..... yea poseidon, only you are watching....

Hmmm..... should i go for my tuition today? dont feel like goin but maybe i will be a lil late, or i dun go coz its gonna rain( SCORE!!! Laziness takes ver my life)

Well.... SPM is around the corner...... one month of intensive study coming up!!!! After the raya, its study TIME!!!!

I got his funny little scene from Charmed season 7x-08 Charmed noir

The gnome teacher in MAgic School was trying to ban the books such as Harry Potter and these are scenes:

Miss Donavan: Lord of the rings?!
Gnome teacher: Historically inaccurate.
Miss Donavan: HArry Potter?!
Gnome teacher: Filled with juvinile delinquence.
Miss Donavan:Even the Wizrd of OZ???!!!!!!!
Gnome teacher:Asparagant to little people, much get me a procecuted, FILTHY!!!!
Miss Donavan : Its the same sotry in every book, none of them deserved to be banned!
Gnome Teacher: You dont expected another naked Godiva flash out of the book again!
Paige: Is this what its all about? Godiva?
Miss Donavan: Its all excuse for his own agenda which is Decieful of SPEECH!!!!

Gnome teacher : Thats what i call Stiflling!

Paige: Thats called stiffling you give her her mouth back!

Miss Donavan: Why you little worm....

Gnome: LITTLE!!!! SEE??? SHe is a Sizist!

Miss Donavan: What??!!!!!

Sizist... haha i wonder who came up with that word?!!!!

Thats all for today, not much quotes a little tired... sleeping sooon1

Signing off,


  1. Bin... change your time! it's wrong!!!

  2. LOL would the shy guy be poseidon by any chance ?

  3. nope~ its a different guy~ didn't get a chance to see poseidon in shy mode around girls~