Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, paper 2s are done!!!

Whoa!!!! We finally finished all our sciences paper 1 and 2 today!!!! that was 2 hard weeks... now its paper 3 and maths....
Geez i never knew spm or trials would be easier than normal exam.. and guess what? i had tips!
ALthough i dint actually used ALL , especially light(I had a nightmare trying to understand it)
Lucky for me induce current was still fresh in my cerebrum(haha back to biology)

Anyways... today was fine.... the group study in library was interesting, although everyone got a little high even we got stressed up fore physics...(NEWTON why did you create this subject?)

Hmph.... life after spm... didnt knew how would it be but i had a list on what to do in december!

Check List:
1) Get a new hairstyle!!!!
2) Get slim!
3) Get more money
4) Get new phone !!!!
5) Get new laptop!!!!
6) Throw a party!
7) Get to cook some japanese cuisine!( i love you Cold storage.....)
8) Genting Highlands!!!!
9) Finish my japanese language course of advancE!!!!
10) Track back on all the shows i missed out during SPM!!!!
11) Get info on scholarships, especially to JAPAN!!!!

Whoa that was a little long but nvm.. was depressed yerterday coz most of my friends got caled form taylors for the principal award... and i kinda felt left out coz i did submit too... and i'm kinda sure m co-curicullum is goood...

But yet thanks to my devotion to the school my result kinda sucked to 2As only... haih... shouldnt have bothered much i guess... since my head prefect had more time to study than i do, i should have ignored his job scopes... haiz.... it's over and it's too late.....

Nevertheless... one more month to spm and im gonna buckle up!!!!! blogging wil be on scretly(shh... my mum kinda spy on me nowadays) and lets hope my SPM will be gud!!!

Quotes of the Day

Piper Halilwel: Gee ya think?
Echizen Ryoma: Mada mada dane....
Kawamura Takashi: Burning!!!!!
Phoebe Halilwel: Lets get the thing in the thing with the thing....
Renn: ---Su!!!!
Jer Renn: Whoa!!!(subject)
Yuet Yin: Ngahaha!!!(subject)
Kean Wneg: Ngehhh....(moaning coff)
Izwan: Haha see i told you
Yi Xian: HAHA see dont listen lar... very good !!

Signing Off,

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