Saturday, January 26, 2008

新ブログサイト---New Blog Site 



Ok then.... lets start the blog! Thanks alot NEE!!!! For asking me to start a new blog in this site last Friday!!! I have started watching Magic Squadron MagiRanger and it is super cool!!! I just love the character Urara-chan as MagiBlue in the serires... and she seriously have a grudge on frogs. Haha... she even vomitted white bubbles when she found out that the monster she was going to fight is a frog!!! haha funnyness!Really interesting character! And I still remember the episode when she got grabbed on the breast by her own magic kitten!!! hahaha...

Thats enough of child talk I guess... Let move back to adulthood.

Hehe... my soon to be new image ... I guess...
It's a new year and time for new clothes, new friends, new shoes.... all the new stuff but something is... I am so over the last half decade's Japanese movies man... Favourite actor and actress, Yoshikazu Kotani and Kitagawa Keiko respectively. Salute their devotion and acting skills, just way over the top man.... MY weight has finally decreased to 90++ now and the new aim is to 80++ only.... I wonder if that i spossible seeing that i am still havin flabby fats around especially my tummy..( gotta love it yuet..) Wakakakakaka!!!!! The list of most favourable movies,( random degrees of love):

Dear Friends( K.Keiko)
1 Litre no Namida ( forgotten what the actress' name)
Boys Love(Y.Kotani)
Boys Love Theatre Edition(Y.Kotani)
Tokyo Drift (K.Keiko)
The Prince of Tennis (Y.Kotani)
PGSM (K.Keiko)

Now I seriously waiting for Cheery Pie to come out... Keiko so gonna rock that movie man... not to forget Heat Island ... so gonna love Keiko's hot style in that movie! Araruke Knight by Kotani seems ok but their fashion sense of the 1970s-80s are so wrong... not to mention their hair..(gatsby......) Well, these are movies anyways.

1 litre of tears!!!! /My tears......

Kitagawa Keiko in Cherry Pie wakakakkakz....

Yoshikazu kotani in BL, so the gay movie but kinda same as normal love story

Yoshikazu Kotani in Prince of Tennis, the special effects are just so unreal!

Kitagawa Keiko in Dear Friends! She is just the girl of my dreams.....

well thats all for today and Happy New Year!!!!

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