Sunday, September 14, 2008

Piper's wedding got BANGED!!!!

Yo people!!! Today's another busy busy day.... i had a rm20 lunch today with jr n yuetz.... gosh i had to be the MPSJ to clear off all the leaf overs geez.... and again i have to a love shrink which i don't even know why because I'm no great lover myself HAH!!! Yet again, love comes after high-school.... Biology was awfully boring today, unexpectedly becuase i loved that subject most! Maybe the Quek'ster made it a lil' too boring owh well every teacher have their ways.....(I miss GEETHA!!!!!)

After that i had to go home, with a big fight with my sis... How can she tell me to "wait for a while" and expect me to know that she was coming to fetch when I asked," Is dad around?" Sound stupid but thats what goes around my family*grumps*

And back to my stupid dog,hachi.... she bit me today, after she bit my mum's carstep off ugh... why do I have a stupid DOG?????!!!!!!! Hand is sowllen, don't even know if i can still write for my trials......

Thats about today.... HAPPY LANTERN FESTIVAL people!!! My relative came over for a gathering and we had a great time!!!! just that my food ordering was off a little when i forgotten to ask the person to make it LARGE for my family... UGH>>>>> Another rip-offfffffffff....

Jer Renn this is for youuuuu:

Gramps: Is this the biggest arch you can get?
Prue: Yeah without opening a fast-food franchise yes....

Gramps: Remember if love is the quest, the wedding is the CONQUEST. This place must be like... VICTORY!!!

Phoebe: And here I thought wedding was suppose to be romantic!

Prue: Better listen to gramps Phoebe. You can see her age by counting the rings in her fingers...

HAha this is simple hilarious.... well gramps did have a screwed-up love life by marrying seven times... and only ended up with Patty, the Charmed ones Mum.

In Charmed Season3---Just Harried, it was suppose to be Piper's forbidden wedding with Leo but Prue and her unknown boyfriend crashed the wedding.

Unknown guy: PRUE!!!!!
Phoebe: Who the HELL is that?

When Prue hopped on the guy's bike,
Phoebe: Prue you get your ASTRAL ASS back here!!!

This was a super funny, touching and sensible episode in season 3, but season 3 rocked a lot because the story line went so well and interesting... Charmed is my all time favourite!!!!

Quotes of Honour

Yuet Yin: I have my Cina class on today...
Jer Renn: Sweat...
Izwan: Can you just SHADDAP AR???
Iman: Weeeeeeeeeee
Stephanie Ng: Bangang!!!
Jia WEi: Oh my cow!!!
Kean weng: XXX I love you I wanna f*ck you!!!
Jay Son: So gay!!!!
Steven: You watchout....
Ben Lam: You think you very smart as stupid?
Yuee Jhian: Oh my god.... Never mind lar A1 enough...
Jia Ven: Aiya never mind wan lar...
Ann Nee&Shun Hong: Morning taikor!!!
Jess Tee: Hah? Can meh? You sure or not?
Yi Xian: Please lar can't you see (the subject) c'mon lar....
Hannah: I'm fat I need to diet....

The stuffs I'm usually surrounded with throughout the year haha thats all 4r today, leave it for 2mr.....

Signing off,

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  1. WOOHOOO PRUE!!! lawl... haha.

    Anyway keep up the updates!