Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After 1 whole month...

Well i can't say that i was fit... but at least before i can still hang in for 1 more hour....
Today was fun... seeing how my friends react when playing with handicapped-non-trained badminton player haha.... Geez i cant believe the scored today!!! I was like ten times better than when i played with my siblings! Maybe my partner was really good, who was it? Sai cheong, the one and only one... His moves are sometimes unpredictable( so as mine) so we couldn't catch up each of our tempos.

Yet, we did make a good team with his agility and skills, plus my power and luck haha...
The toher side was Jer Renn and Yi xian, funny they weren't focusing much today, my lcuky shots worked out well and guess what? I picked up 6+/- points in a roll to catch up!Haha!!

That was the fun, the pain was.... My foot! Darn my shoes were practically killing my legs!!! The blisters were crazy! I didn't remember that my squash shoes were THAT uncomfortable... Haiz....

Well Was though... Sai Cheong makes a good partner, just that he teases a lot, just like a teased him hahaha... and he likes to "swap" cards around hehehe.... YI Xian and Jer Renn, they were just being mean by attacking me.. although i can't say i was being nice ... It's good also, we can see where we were wrong and we can improve! Like they say, success comes with failure!

Ok now's a plus bad for the day... Shit my mom is ragin again....
How many times my family have to undego this?
its like annually she gets the food issue on and gets angry!!!
Argh it is that every women have the ANNUAL FOOD Desire Syndrome in the biology text books???
I wish i had the cure coz im desperate...

Quotes of the day:"
Yong Bin: Ma Ji PeK!
Sai Cheong: I like that!

Yi Xian: See I told you!
Jer Renn: Hei guys...(the horny tune)

I hope the turn can turn another 180 degrees again, after this turn in this momen....

4.21 pm, the sky is dark...

Signing Off,


  1. GOSH my brother can do a horny tune ?

    Hi btw ;) Watashi wa nihon go ga wasuremashita , LOL

  2. haha wasuretakoto was murinandesho... nihon go ga tsukatteiru no koto... hahha
    yes he CAN!!!!