Monday, September 15, 2008

Bored stiff

I spent the whole day at school in the library and only one word can describe it, BORING!!!!
Biology was suppose to be fun but today was really boring.... After school was add maths tuition, then chemistry and physics till ten...
As always we wanted for tips in our exam... and we got them except for biology... who cares? study hard and smart and you scorE!

ok Episode of the day for Charmed is 3x22---All Hell Break Loose, where piper is dead...

Thanks to the media which is not considerate at all.... They actually bothered to get more witchy news from the Halilwels even piper was shot... HAH talk about evil!

They had a way to restore every thing back to normal though:

Leo: Its a long shot though.You have to ask Tempest to reverse time back to its course its the only way!
Prue: Yes it's a long shot .. very long shot....
Piper: We vanquished HIM!

Piper: What are you trying to find?

Prue: I don't know... At least something...

Piper: Well demons don't actually leave footprints...

Okay... not much stuffs today but there ARE some interesting quotes here...


Jer Renn: When the temple person said "come", I was like owh shit.....
Kean Weng: XXX I wanna hump you!
Iman: Think of others you inconsiderate BITCH!
Izwan: I'm goona beat you in squash!(yeah i beat u twice and u beat me once ONLY!!!)

Thats all for the day!

Signing off,


  1. Dei!!!

    Iman didn't say think of others larr!!

    It was just when the person moved the transparency he just blurted 'inconsiderate BITCH!' without any notice. It was just the two words without anything else.

  2. it was??? oops bad memory wakakaka