Friday, November 20, 2015

Auscultating : Tri

Any readers who have been following should know what Tri is all about.

21st November 2015 marks the resurfacing of Digimon Adventure Tri in the theaters of Japan.

Well, as everything around the current franchise is limited edition only, Malaysia probably wouldn't have any airing any time soon.

I made an impulse and purchased over RM1k product from my Japanese friend's help online.

Well, this is the only childhood dream I'd wish I can chase after.



  1. is it movie or what? how come there are 4 episodes?

    1. It's airing in the movies but the whole lot was split into 4 episodes, confusingly hahahhaa

    2. just watched it. i don't think it's a movie. It's anime. They gonna release it by episode. So this one is a whole new digimon anime.

    3. Mmm, the release is in a movie format but you sit through the whole 2 hours with the whole show displaying in episodes. The upcoming installation will be out in spring 2016 during the premiere. When I was in Japan, only the movies are airing the show, but not the cable networks. So I'm pretty sure its a movie, its just how they present it during airtime.