Friday, November 13, 2015

Auscultating : Home Depot

It's literally HARD when it comes to moving into your own house alone.

Mom and dad offered to help, but I'd figured I should do this by myself; with only monetary help from them of course.

With the crazy renovation before, I wanted to keep budget of moving into the house as minimal as possible; meaning getting the furniture was a nightmare.

I had to literally go to every corner to get good deals, and sometimes I'd wish I've been more careful because I'm pretty sure I overspent in some places for overpriced items by few folds.

Nevertheless, you will only grow when you experience things.

I've managed to find my dream couches, but I can't seemed to get a good 3-seater sofa. The 2 seaters are pretty awesome, despite they are fabric in nature making it pretty troublesome to clean;  but the colors were amazing.

On the other note, preparing other rooms to be rented too have took toll on me. But if I managed to keep everything within budget and the next hunting in the IKEA Cheras open house does surprise me; I should be done by the end of December.

Many of my friends requested for an open house.

How am I supposed to serve people when I'm still sleeping on a 5cm thick mat myself?


  1. When budget is tight, I normally tell people that furniture is not a necessity especially in the common areas.

    1. Really?? I feel like the sofas are so important especially when you wanna cuddle even just by yourself to watch TV in rainy days~~ and 3 seats which can fit a 6 feet like me is not cheap AT ALL