Friday, November 6, 2015

Auscultating : Mid Semester Break

A little extra bit of change in my post titles; I've decided to change Buffetting to Auscultating.

It is high time for me to step into my next phase of life; where clinical years and professional development kick into my life as I progress into a working adult.

Buffetting; though it was wrong in its spelling for which it should have been Buffeting, originally was intended to mean as the motion of thoughts like the wind hitting on the water of sea, buffeting waves into the blog.

Would you be able to interpret what auscultating is actually meant for?

Back to mid semester break; it will officially begin today! I'm looking forward to another busy week next week to catch up on my studies as well as my new house.

Within few hasty weeks, I couldn't believe the semester will be ending in 5 weeks. The academic semester went by so fast I could barely notice the weeks passing by; we literally have had tests every week beginning 4th week of the semester. On top of that, clinical rotation, assignments as well as presentations. I would say I've pretty much devoted myself almost 100% to academics alone.

I thought time would still go by really slowly for me, since I am graduating a year later than my original batch. Little do I know, clinical years are meant to be fast paced. What I'm pretty anxious about is my Final Year Project because I've yet to get any ideas on what I would want to work on. Small Animal Internal Medicine would be something I probably want to venture into, but nothing interest seemed to be popping in at the moment. I've pretty much given up on surgery, simply because I'm not good with instruments and art.

Nevertheless, academic life have been fruitful, and I can't wait to learn more and get into practice in full-fledged.

Back to my new house, I'm cracking my head trying to fit everything to the right spot with the right furniture and color. I'm on budget so I literally need to restrict myself in the expenditure, but I just hope I don't make my house into my weird ass hooker house.

Living alone can be a little lonely at times, but I do enjoy the privacy since I do not need to bother about anyone else apart from myself and my studies.

Yet, putting everything into one piece and making my new house hospitable would be a great challenge!

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