Sunday, June 22, 2014

Buffetting : Course Taken on Sem 6

So in this cycle of the semester I took up 7 subjects in the university, summing up to about 23 credit hours including an extra 2 credit hours of mural farm practice.

6th Semester, gosh I have another 6 more to go before I get declared as a Dr.

Imagine your name announced across events or even the airport with the title Dr! Not going to end there, I will probably end up with a doctorate too.

Semester 6 has been, well, steady. I finally had more time for myself'; although the first half of it was literally more skewed towards someone else, but later on it skewed back to myself. It was an over-noon skew so I would call it a wham instead.

1- Veterinary Anatomy 3
The last part of the veterinary anatomy trilogy. This semester wasn't the hardest, but the whackiest semester of all anatomy. Learning reproduction with a table of ladies wasn't easy; I had to keep my subtle use of terms and intonations over the 3 hours to keep things fun and heated at the same time. We covered pretty much all the sense; but reproduction was definitely the best one in the bunch

2- Veterinary Physiology 3
Running parallel to the course above as another trilogy; the semester ended with literally STRESS. Taught by my idol lecturer, and a few more others along the way, physiology definitely made anatomy some sense. Or is it the other way round? Nevertheless, I would still have to argue I enjoyed the topics on hormones the most; although I'm more fascinated by the physiology of cows in particular. 

3- Veterinary Pathology 3
Another trilogy begins with learning on what goes WRONG in the system now. New terms on lesions- meaning to describe wounds has been taught while we learn to make intelligent diagnosis on causes of deaths in animals or even human. Being the course representative it somehow made me felt obligated to score in this subject; although I kinda just brushed my way through hoping just for an A over higher grades.

4- Bacteriology and Mycology
4 credit hour-ed course spanning over important disease causing bacteria and fungi in animals; not to mention a numerous numbers which are zoonotic and important in public health- meaning it can spread to human. Apparently we don't just serve animals; we do serve humans too. After all, we veterinarians are the closest reservoir to these zoonotic diseases. I do enjoy learning the course especially labs because we get to see different things and know different methods in discovering new bacteria. When you manage to see the whole picture, all the lines connect and it just startle you on how far human have traveled to get to this point in science. The reason to hate this subject: never-ending memorizing of bacteria.

5- Feed and Feeding
A very similar course to the veterinary nutrition  we had back in 1st year. Yet, this one is much more extensive of the types of feed we have in Malaysia; where do they come from; processing relevance; ensilaging requirements; alternative feed; and animals' feeding regime. It is extremely helpful because we would know what kind of diet to put the animal in during different periods of their life. And example would be a well formulated diet for a cow throughout her period of milking, getting pregnant, stopping of milking, and days before parturition(she gets into labor). This diet will prevent problems like emaciation, weakness, lethargy or death to the cow and the calf. The course was bland, but I could relate to it well

6- Business English
Just to fulfill my two courses of English requirement by the university, the first one being Public Speaking and now the 2nd and last one. Well I didn't learn as much as I thought I would from this course, but its really something to make all of us to get an easy A. I did learn some skills on business writing; not to mention being the director for the Networking Day(pretty much a party) again. Mingling with people outside Vet Fac still awes me on, everyone seemed to pick on me a lot in doing tasks like leading or what not. I'm pretty sure my body size and height totally put me on the lime light to some extent, but really, I wonder what people see in me. BUT, meeting people outside of the faculty once in a while is still fun.

7- Extra Mural Farm Practice
Last, but definitely not the least. I've been through 3 weeks of poultry practical; now to look forward to another 3 weeks of ruminants and 2 weeks of wildlife! The girls I'm going to be with are so fun, I don't think I would want to go home! Wait, maybe I do. Just for the air-conditioner!

So that pretty much sums up the academic courses I've been through for the past 17 weeks; including the semester break and examination weeks. I'm now going into 3rd, paraclinical year.

New subjects.
New timetable.
New club.
New visions.
New expectations.
New set of lecturers.

I should make some changes. Not holding phone during lectures would be a good way to start. Since I'm no longer attached nor responsible for anything else(maybe the equestrian club); I could use some time off to focus.

PS: Naively thinking that I would have let myself off the bandwagon of student activities,my senior was totally right on me being really ambitious and nuts for taking up the job as the President of the Equestrian Club. It wasn't the knowledge or skill to begin with; it was the time to coordinate and present more and more paperwork. 

Yay me. The person who can never keep himself free for himself.


  1. Now...this is what I'm talking about babeh! Hahaha... long post. I always find it fascinating to read and learn more about veterinary course and what do they actually learn inside, the scope of subjects and areas of knowledge you guys gain. Keep it up! Write-up like this gives the public an insight on what's going on inside. It's informative, educational and fun to know. Still looking forward for your 101 post on animal handling and care. Hehehe...

    1. That you have to wait AGAIN! See if I have the time in the weekend so I can post one long one on something I do for the coming practical.

      This was a traditional post la, I do it every end of a semester to remind myself what I did for the past 14 weeks.

  2. OMG MISS SARAH! I'm also a UPM-er. Miss Sarah is really cool!
    And I guess, so are you! :)

    1. Haha yea she was one hell of a cool lecturer! Will really miss how she lighten up her class with her cliches, and thankfully she added me in facebook hahaha

      And ello there! Will drop by your blog one day!

  3. hahaha guess we didn't slave for the past few years just to be crazy uni students, being called "dr" will certainly be the day to look forward to hahaha

    1. I know right. Dr T. Omg, so super onz.

      I wouldn't say slave because my patients are animals; you would because your patients literally own you!

  4. Haha yes this post is one of your more interesting posts! =) Might do the same one of these days.

    1. Damn, I can't help feeling insulted.

      LOL. I know it didn't mean that way, it was the veterinary side of this blog which made you connected anyway!

      Do it, you might surprise your readers!

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