Thursday, December 29, 2011

Buffetting : Course Taken via 300th post

Wow can't believe I'd only hit 300 post by now.

I guess I can't really keep up with blogging when I'm busy with other stuffs.

Any hows, the first and last semester in UPM as a DVM student was pretty much satisfying, and everyday was really spent with a meaningful manner, unlike post STPM days.

The courses I was given, and somehow picked was as below:

1- VPP 3020 Veterinary Biochemistry

The basic biochem, mostly related to the bodily chemistry of organisms. Pretty much the biology brought to a university extent of STPM Biology. The earlier chapters were peanuts, but Lipid Metabolism got me suffocated. Had fun gaining knowledge from this course, probably going to be useful to me as a Med student.

2- VPK 3090 Intro to Vet as Profession

The supposingly "brainwash" course. Of course the practicals were really fun. Hands on with ruminants,felines and canines were a real good exposure, and knowing their TPRs was a great pleasure. At least, I will not have any problems dealing with excess "messy" conditions if I were to take up Med, since I've been through worse. I had fun memorizing the breeds' names, getting to know how vet and move on with their career, and geez even have fun to differentiate between WELFARE and RIGHTS. Definitely was a great course. Going for a practical in Zoo Taiping after CNY even though I'm enrolling in Monash, cause I do love the work as a vet.

3- SHW 3002 Animal Agriculture

The BEST course I would say, cause we had the BEST lecturer, Dr. Sum Sug. Google her name,she had multiple published work and achievements. Sheesh she is RETIRING as 30+! How cool is that! Medic officers only START earning at 30+! Fark man.
Agriculture and how animal affects human totally made even more sense for me to take vet. The importance of agriculture behind man activities, the changes required, vets' roles, animal feeds, animal welfare and their how factors can affect their production. Vet needs to know more than JUST our biochem, physio and surgery knowledge. Economics, consumerism and research is all in our head.

4- ANT 2001 Society and Changes

I had a HARD time explaining to my mom what SOCIETY I'm studying about. Apparently the term "society" doesn't ring any bell to her. I had fun in this course also because of the lecturer. Man, he's the BEST lecturer in Malaysia, even received an Award for it. Shatar Abdul Rahman, google him and still there are plenty of published work. The changes of society and vivid examples to explain the theories, gosh I had fun scoring and writing my test paper!

5- BBI 2417 Public Speaking

Apparently students with MUET Band 5 and above have to also take an English course in our university years in order for us to graduate. As if our English ain't not competent. Well, I also had fun in this course. I mean, I love to stand up and talk. The comrades I made during the course was fun too, and there were also hotties to be checked out; Korean, Malaysian bowler and Chinese try-too-hard-er. The lecturer was kinda young, and class goes out of control most of the time, but I guess he managed to pull it through. The essence of public speaking, theoretical part was okay, but I barely follow them XD
My last speech was really last minute, 1 day before the presentation; but the lecturer did have fun and the only problem I had, well the 2 problems I had were a lil fast, sometimes a lil too excited. He likes my word stresses and drama effects. Well, I should have taken performing arts.

6- BBD 2400 German 1

I took up this course out of, well, really out of impulse. I was really thinking that vet wasn't my thing and it is really just 1 semester, and I dropped Management course which was a compulsory course and took up this language. Really liked it, just like English. What's worse, my affinity for languages is really strong, at one point I was thinking for shifting course to take up linguistics! Hah, but like all professions, a deep understanding in one field is necessary, while languages can be perfected as an extra-curricular subject. The lecturers were fun, and very demanding. But I liked it, well maybe because I score all the time haha. Shit, finals is coming and I have not read any crap yet. Ich bin traurig.

There are 2 more university course, Ethnic relationship and Islamic&Asian Civilization, but they both sucked. Everyone takes them just for the sake to graduate.

So far, well those are the courses I've went through 14 weeks. It's the 15th week, and finals is next week. Although they might seemed trivial since I'm enrolling in Monash, but I'd keeping my status as "LEave of Absence", just incase I rebel against my family's will to take up vet if I hate Med.

PS: My sis said vets have no prospects at economy crisis. I'm wondering how legit is that. Won't it affect doctors in 2017 too? With the numbers of doc rising, hmmm....


  1. hmmm I might be enrolling at Monash too.. well, MIGHT.

  2. 300th post? Whoa... Anyway, its nice to hear that you enjoy ur life here in UPM. :)

    Maybe you'll do postgrad after study meds?lol
    Vet is very interesting course and i really respect those who work ans study vet.

    Anyway, good luck for finals!

  3. hmmm i did consider postgrad, but time consuming and wasting $$$?

    good luck to you too!